Things I Liked – inspiration galore & so much more.

I know…it rhymes!! there’s nothing like a rhyme to cheer me up (galore-more, in case you didn’t notice).
I spent my time this week talking about English & other languages – how hard can they be? or easy? & how about Italian? I know, right -, reading books from my childhood (& my parents’! so moving, to have those 1950s books in my hands), & enjoying the amazing sounds of Shakespeare’s poems. I sound like a school nerd; but who cares. There’s something, in the words I read & hear, that always enchants me…I created a Pinterest board for that, just so I could make absolutely clear how nerdy I am! ahah!

♥ ok so, let’s start with this week’s delights …talking about Pinterest, here’s your usual Most RePinned Pin! love it? I do!

♥ & then it’s surely time for Tumblr‘s Top Post! delicious!

♥ so I’ve promised you inspiring ideas, & I’m gonna keep that promise; but first, let’s read together this awesome Dear Person Who Just Left a Negative Comment About Something On the Internet letter – an open letter to all internet haters! no need to say it, I LOVE IT.

♥  Because you can: make ‘em look is an amazing article on Rookie Magazine that strongly affirms our power to ignore any comment at all, about our looks & behavior & the outfits we choose to rock.

♥  it’s easy to go from self-confidence pro to The Ultimate Cheat Sheet from Re-Inventing Yourself: a guide to start a-new every time you wish to, or whenever you feel you need a make-over. It happens to feel stuck, either emotionally or working-wise; this list truly goes in deep, talking about all aspects you should take into consideration when you want a brand new start. Useful (& by the way, it is also funny)!

♥  & since we touched the subject…here’s an interview to one of my fave inspirational people in the world; a woman that truly re-invented herself from scratch, & spends all her life creating & dreaming: SARK! there’s not much I can say about her, just do this for me: read the interview, & then if you’re interested check her website, & then come back to me & we’ll talk about it. Ok? love ya.

♥  did you have enough already? just one more thing! you look like you need an Emergency Compliment, right now. go get it dear!




Things I Like – Valentine’s Special !

YeeeeeY it’s Valentine’s Day !
I know right – commercial festivity of the year, nightmare for lonely hearts club, etc.etc. I know all that, I’ve been single during Valentine’s Day for most of my life.
NO BIGGIE, ladies & gents…trust me. I’ve got a post full of love & ideas & things to read for you & you only, my mostly beloved followers.
You may not have found that special someone, but you have surely found that special blog … it’s me & I love youuuu! let me show you how much.

♥ first thing you need to keep in mind, it’s to avoid Low-Grade Misery towards yourself. You know what I mean? that constant, day-to-day self-hate that doesn’t kill you but definately makes you weaker. That continuous stream of this doesn’t look good on me, I shouldn’t eat this, I shouldn’t talk so loud, I’m ugly when I do this-that-blah-blah-blah. Give yourself a present for this Valentine’s Day: STOP. You are enough. You are OK. Everyday.

♥ before you even start celebrating, take a moment & Get Your Spark Back … or simply, learn How to Survive to Bad Mood. I know that this time of the year can be a little sad, in certain ways…but there’s no better time to learn how to get back up when you feel down, & experiment different ways to make yourself feel better no matter what!

♥ & now that you’re all set up … Start a Gratitude Jar! what a cute little thought, for you, for your lover, for your friends…whatever. Make it the focus of 2014, all right? & maybe you can plan a “gratitude date” for yourself, for next year’s Valentine! so that it’ll be no more important if you have a date with someone else, ‘cause it’s gonna be the day you open the Gratitude Jar & find all the good, loving, lucky moments you lived.

♥ make something! yes, why not? if you have no plan for the night – tho, remember, single friends valentine’s parties are the best! – dedicate your body & sould to DIY projects. You know, one of those you keep dreaming about & procrastinating at the same time? it’s time to get  a move on! Bake a cute treat, make a paper garland, try to replicate these origami butterflies, or make bracelets for you & your friends, to show some love…in the end, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

♥ last but – omg no – not least .. dress up! this is a fashion blog after all. & there is always a good reason to dress up: going to a party, to a romantic dinner, or curling up under a blanket with a huge cup of hot chocolate & your favourite movie. Yes, they are all great reasons, let me show you how.


so finally, allow me to tell you one last thing, before you dive into this lovey-dovey day:
I love you.
A lot.