Fashion Forecast – STRIPES galore !

Everyone has kept telling us that big girls shouldn’t wear (horizontal) stripes …I know! we’ve been hearing that for ages, don’t we??
Well, well, well: forget that, at least for the season to come! I’m starting to see stripes on every fashion blog I visit …of course I see florals too, but that’s a print you always see during spring time. How about stripes?  they look like a big spring/summer hit!
The lovely girl above is GarnerStyle, of course: great fashion blogger, always looking for something new & original.  & what is she wearing? stripes!

I absolutely love a striped dress on the beach …& Stéphanie Zwicky agrees! I think she looks amazing in this dress, very rétro, incredibly classy. She also owns a striped coat, like the one up up above, that she wore in many occasions (like this one). Seriously, this is really a trend!

& then there’s her …my ever loved fashion guru…Big or Not to Big! wearing stripes, of course. Paired with the most lovely pastel pink skirt, ‘cause she’s cute; & some leopard, ‘cause she’s originally stylish. So adorable!

In conclusion, my dearest girls, make sure you wear stripes anytime you want this season!
you’re not only entitled to it, & have full permission from the style universe…you also have some amazing inspiration all around!


Things I Liked – STOP! it’s SPRING TIME!

Good morning Spring buds! it’s your time to rise & shine!
Finally the calendar says it’s spring time (21st of March=Spring equinox) – the weather may or may not agree with this, but hey, I want to believe!

♥ So to start it, let’s take the dust off of some old goodies (like you do with sundresses & bathing suits!) – this post by Gala Darling is a little bit old, but it popped out on my facebook dashboard a couple of days ago…so let’s enjoy it again! 50 Alternative First Dates Ideas! I have to say, I’d love to go on 90% of them (the watch the sunrise date is my fave). Now that Spring is coming, don’t feel like …love? then I guess it’s a great idea to plan all sorts of first dates: invite your best friend out, plan a fabulous date with your lover, set the alarm to remind yourself of an important meeting you have…with your own adorable self!

♥ still in mood for dusting yourself off? see if you remember some of these old-but-good movies & the fashion inspiration within!
♥ & one more feel good thing: it may not be the top post on my tumblr, but it’s one of the posts I like the most…! there’s so much meaning inside it, so much kindness & sweetness…I think it even moves me a little.

♥ finally, it’s the big moment: Top of the Tops! Top Post on Tumblr, y’all …of course, it’s the lovely Girl With Curves! isn’t she amazing, everyone: back from pregnancy with even more style than ever, beautiful as she could be, & perfectly classy. Love her!

♥ & Most RePinned Pin on Curvy is the Way – thank you very much: neither you not I could resist to Pierce Brosnan & his wife Keely Shaye Smith, right? so I went a little further & got some gossips for you: she’s in her 50s, married to the gorgeous ex-007 & Mamma Mia! co-protagonist since 2001, a journalist, a mother, & what more…oh yes, she’s amazingly curvy! here some more pictures.

Things I Liked – smells like xmas.

Hellooo everyone!
I am still recovering from past weeks’ troubles, but hey …I do believe in my inner strength, & I hate to whine & commiserate …I’d rather keep moving.
& that’s exactly what I’m about to do – with you!

♥ I can’t really go on for a long time without a virtual crush, can I ? of course not ! so let me introduce to two beautiful, stylish, colourful girls whose blogs completely knocked me over lately: the first one “hides” behind the name of Big or not to Big. Isn’t she absolutely flawless ?! The only thing I don’t like about her blog is that the pics are not easily share-able … she has locked them or something. no biggie ! I still want her entire wardrobe & some styling lessons from her. Same as for the second lady I’m introducing to you: Good Red Herring, & her way of rocking amazing outfits & making them look like oh, I just slipped into the first clothes I found – yeah, right. Perfection.

♥ but this also xmas time, let’s not forget ! we’ve already gone through xmas outfits & xmas presents … but I love this time of the year so much … I want to give you MORE ! one example is: Presents in a Jar ! it’s my fave kind of presents, a.k.a. DIY, all filling up cute/decorated jars … aaaadorable idea, listen to me. You may not have plenty of money to spend (hey there!) but you can always give pretty presents ..spending nearly zero. So cool. I also thought about why I like xmas time so much … & a lot of people do, too. For me, it’s because it’s the only time of the year in which you give presents (I LOVE giving presents, thinking about them, buying them, not-so-much wrapping them but I love when they tear open them!) & at the same time you receive presents as well – everyone loves getting presents, obviously. I also like cold weather & xmas food, but I can tell you, it’s secondary. Well, maybe not in the last years …economic-wise, they’ve been pretty tough for my family, & this means also no presents for xmas – we focus on children only, so that they can have all the presents …we would never take xmas away from children, no way.

So since I’m not expecting presents, I thought I should focus on decorations ! & I created a Pinterest Board for that, ah ! not-so-obvious festivity times, decorations, food …etc.etc. name it & it’s there – so you better follow me babes, ‘cause I’ll keep updating that & all the other boards !!

 ♥ ok let’s change subject !! I found these hilarious suggestions for Men Fashion … you better follow ‘em, boyz !
♥ oh, & here’s something for us girls … 26 Designer Knock-Off DIY ! believe me, this is craaaazy ! you’ve got 26 super-easy tutorials on how to make your own designer pieces … & I’m talking Prada, Stella McCartney, D&G … you guyssssss hurry, you may even find a couple of cool ideas on last-minute xmas presents. Have fun !

♥ just one last thing before we go – a little bit more serious: this set of gifs really made me think: is gaining weight really our biggest problem ? I know my answer (it’s the long comment under the set, as you can imagine) … what about you?

Things I Liked – except the fact that I’m sick

Ehw, I hate being sick – but since cold season has arrived, with rain & raging wind like we’re in Wuthering Heights … well, of course: I catched a cold. & sore throat. Ehw.
But hey, no biggie ! I’m still here, trying not too look as bad as I feel ..ahah.
Wanna know what I was totally into this week ? let’s go check it out.

♥  Rachel Zoe Project – OMG, I’m so into it ! I watch episodes every time I can, & I absolutely love her style ! even tho she only styles skinny people. Hey Rache, wanna try something new? I’m here! I can’t take my eyes off her jewelry, most of all. Wow, so stunning & bold !

 ♥ being this cold, & being sick myself, what I’ve loved very much this week is … soups. I know, sounds a little like an old granny, uh ? but still – there’s nothing better than a hot soup for dinner, when outside it’s pouring & damn cold ! & since I’m all but selfish, let me share some old good recipes with you – in case you wanna join the I’m Sick & Tired & I need Cuddles Party ! here are my faves: Mushroom Soup, Spinach Soup, & Sweet Veggies Soup ! yummy ! I feel better already.

♥  I feel like I need-need-need to show you one of my most recent discoveries, blog-wise: Kathastrophal ! she’s pretty & absolutely stylish, & just … cute ! my new blog crush, here, I said it.

 ♥ Robyn Lawley is a plus size model & she went on Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about her work & her perspective on modeling: & I loved it. I love Ellen Degeneres, I think she’s bright, smart, incredibly funny & whatever other good adjective you can think of; & the fact that she invited a so-called plus size model (well, she’s a size 12 …not actually a plus size! but she’s tall & curvy, so that’s what they call her) to talk about this “parallel” world … makes me think even better of her. I personally believe that’s ridiculous, to have two different “fashion worlds” (which include different brands, stylists, models, followers, etc.) & that designers limit themselves in creating clothes up to a certain size – which usually is a size .. 4? I don’t even know how small a model’s size can be. But I truly, deeply hope that the fashion world will more & more notice that people have so many different sizes, & that all of them have the right to wear the same clothes if they want to. Plus Size isn’t an insult, ok ?