Fashion Forecast – STRIPES galore !

Everyone has kept telling us that big girls shouldn’t wear (horizontal) stripes …I know! we’ve been hearing that for ages, don’t we??
Well, well, well: forget that, at least for the season to come! I’m starting to see stripes on every fashion blog I visit …of course I see florals too, but that’s a print you always see during spring time. How about stripes?  they look like a big spring/summer hit!
The lovely girl above is GarnerStyle, of course: great fashion blogger, always looking for something new & original.  & what is she wearing? stripes!

I absolutely love a striped dress on the beach …& Stéphanie Zwicky agrees! I think she looks amazing in this dress, very rétro, incredibly classy. She also owns a striped coat, like the one up up above, that she wore in many occasions (like this one). Seriously, this is really a trend!

& then there’s her …my ever loved fashion guru…Big or Not to Big! wearing stripes, of course. Paired with the most lovely pastel pink skirt, ‘cause she’s cute; & some leopard, ‘cause she’s originally stylish. So adorable!

In conclusion, my dearest girls, make sure you wear stripes anytime you want this season!
you’re not only entitled to it, & have full permission from the style universe…you also have some amazing inspiration all around!


Fashion Forecast – PASTEL ‘til I drop !

It all started with a look. I saw the outfit above a while ago; I loved it, posted it on tumblr, & that was about it.
After a short while, I started noticing that this outfit was coming back & forth…I know it’s cute, but I keep seeing it! & I still love it! But then I thought – where would I ever find jeans in that colour? – & voilà … I did (as I already told you here).
You know what that means? If you’re planning some spring shopping … you gotta go pastel or go home!
The good thing about these range of colours is that it really adds light to your skin & eyes, softens your traits, lifts your mood up – & it does look like spring & summer, isn’t it?

 This is Gabifresh, & as you can see she picked mint & lavender …& naturally she looks adorable. Pastel colours make it a lot easier to put an outfit together: being the shades so nice already, you look special even wearing simple jeans & a plain top or shirt.

Luckily brands got that too …this adorable outfit is by ASOS, & they definitely understood next season’s trend.
But even more incredible, even some of the top brands fell under the pastel spell … like Ellie Saab for example (no surprise, with their usual ethereal & magic touch); Just Cavalli; Balmain; Chanel (oh! thank goodness! I love Chanel everyday more); & yes…Victoria’s Secret too.

So I can’t do anything more than cross my fingers & hope spring is gonna come as soon as possible.
In the meantime, we can always close our eyes & have pastel day dreams …

Fashion Forecast – I’m having a doubt

… my existential doubt is: are onesies the next fashion thing ?

Right after I was done getting used to tartan – which, as I told you, didn’t see me as the first of fans …tho I guessed right, it was a big winter trend – do I have to start considering onesies as something to wear outside ? not like I’ve never heard of onesies/one piece pajamas before. On the contrary: I love them! as pajamas, of course; cute & lovely & childish as you wish…yes. I’ve seen many, & I usually want them all (especially this one…OMG).

 But, I mean: would you seriously wear it to go out ? like ” hello, this is my daily outfit, it didn’t take a while to put it together: it’s an onesies! ” erhm. Not convincing, if you want my opinion. Sure, you could wander around the house with it … & I guess you can get out if you really forgot to buy milk or if you need to take your dog for a really quick walk (around the building, not even the block!) – but you have to wear a hoodie on top, or a jacket, or a coat.
Or … I guess I know what our fashion future will be like.

Fashion Forecast – TARTAN, autumn loves ye.

Someone used to say – Brace yourself ! Winter is coming !  (eheh) but it’s not winter we have to worry about today … it’s fall & its new season must: tartan ! plaid ! omg. We could talk about it for hours, cause I’m telling you: I have many many issues about it.
But I’m seeing it coming, so … if you can’t fight the fabric, work with it ! (does anyone remember who said this? I can’t)

Ok, let’s slow down a minute; first of all, we need to clarify things a little: to say it properly, THIS is tartan (Scottish origin, wool fabric traditionally used for clan kilts) & THIS is plaid (equally Scottish, but it’s basically a blanket made of tartan). In Italian, we are that specific – I swear. In American, I’ve heard using both terms basically the same way…for once, Italians ACTUALLY do it better ! ahahah, sorry, just a quick moment of patriotism.

Let’s move on & take a look at this upcoming woollen tide …

 I’m gonna start with pants, because that’s where I feel more comfortable. In truth, I own a pair of tartan pants ! not the classic reddish tartan, but a softer grey-brown (I wonder what clan I should be representing – maybe the cowardy-wearing clan!). Tartan pants are a good choice, tho. They look neat and even professional, so you can go to work or to college career fair days in them. Unless, or course, you pick those of next picture …

 … what did I tell you?? these pants are from the riot-punk clan! she looks adorable, tho. This, of course, convinces me a little less than the previous outfit. But still, it’s rock’n’roll & I don’t mind it (doesn’t mean I would wear it…but that depends a lot on personal style)!

 More on the classic side … the tartan skirt ! the good girl skirt, so to say. Especially in an outfit like this one, with a basic jacket & a ton-sur-ton shirt. This way I could (maybe) wear it …as long as you don’t add long white socks, you can basically go anywhere dressed like that. If the skirt is longer, in a soft match of colours (green, dark red, blue, grey) it looks quite formal; a mini skirt in brighter, bolder colours (bright red, black, I’ve seen even neon-coloured tartans…very cyber punk) looks sexy, playful & can be cute – or gross, but I’m sure you know where the limit stands.

 Finally, the dress ! the bravest way to wear a print ! in this case, the biggest danger is to look like a picnic cloth; don’t try to hide it, you know it’s true! but you could also think “ who cares ” (good point) or you could be so pretty that everyone would notice that instead of what you’re wearing (I’m wishing you so!). Either way, go ahead & wear it !
PS. I found a nice, similar dress right here !
PPS. I even found tartan shoes ! ( cute ) for those of you who, like me, are not entirely into this trend …

I may convince myself to take out of the dust that cute red & black mini tartan skirt (yes, yes! that’s my secret!) that lies in my wardrobe … & even wear it sometime!
Any advice on the occasion I could rock that old cutie ??

Fashion Forecast !

watch out, I might be waaay too early for one of the trends I’m spotting ! or maybe, a little bit too late; I guess it depends on the country you live in !


But first, let me start out with a very simple tendency ( I would call it fashion trend, this time ) that I’m seeing more & more all through the web … which, as you know, is the biggest & most fundamental resource for new trends & styles. You may want & try to deny it, but you can’t.
More & more I’m seeing … TShirts & Skirts !
I don’t know about you, but it’s not something you see much on the streets in Italy. & why not ? I don’t know: it makes a nice free time outfits, goes well for my types of body & size, it’s easy to pair with shoes … definately, a style that’s gonna have my support all the way. Let’s see some example, would you ?

( is this one of the girls from that old show, The Hills? she looks something like Lauren or Whitney )

( I love Scathingly Brilliant a lot; & here, she comes out with an adorable movie night outfit exactly how I expected! )

( & finally, a look that’s said to be good for work day – I wouldn’t say so, but I still like it very much )

And now, my next move … the one I said it would be a little crazy, maybe.
Pleated Skirts ! oh my gawd. I know. It’s silly. I like the style, but in Italy it hasn’t been trendy since … I don’t know, forever maybe ? but now it’s starting to show up ( so to say ) in many blogs & other delightful places around the web; so … why not give it a try ? with that middle lenght that seems to flatter so many different sizes ? let’s take a more specific look at it.

( how can Big or Not To Big be so cute ? she simply has flawless class & cuteness inside; look at her! )

( speaking of cuteness…I could never forget the lovely Kaelah Bee ! back when she had pink hair, so adorable )

 ( a long version of the classic pleated skirt: how about it ? this is what I call an any size outfit, cause you see it on a skinny girl but would look lovely on a plus size too –  & I really like it ! )

Things I Liked

Bilancio della settimana: purtroppo questo è un periodo Ma Anche No, ravvivato dal fatto che finalmente l’estate si è decisa a togliersi di mezzo ed io posso rimettermi in tutta serenità le adorate maniche lunghe.

Cose che mi sono piaciute? beh, ce ne sono sempre ! Non permetto mai allo schifo di vincere la guerra – solo qualche battaglia … – perciò let’s move !

 l’autunno ! ah, adoro l’autunno. Il freddo che torna piano piano. Certo. è un po’ complicato organizzare l’abbigliamento giornaliero, visto che in gonna e senza calze rischio l’ipotermia la mattina…e anche visto che i colori invernali di solito li schifo un po’ (eh già! torna la stagione del marroncin-grigett-beigiolino – ehw). Ma io mi organizzo, pfui ..

leggings mes amour !

♥ The Shoe Girl Diaries – a questa blogger va tutta la mia invidia, ma anche la mia stima ! si veste in modo adorabile (quasi sempre, soprassediamo sulla sua mania per i leggings che è peggio della mia), e ha una collezione di scarpe … che …. beh, che non metterei mai ma che vorrei avere anch’io! tra le altre cose, la maggior parte del suo guardaroba di scarpe è costituito da Irregular Choice, che è una delle mie marche preferite in assoluto. Shoe Girl, fatti abbracciare.

♥ brace yourselves ! Top finger Rings are coming ! ora, io non voglio fare come sempre Quella Che Prevede, ma sappiate che io questi li vedo arrivare.

& poi ci sono, come sempre, le altre piccole cose che fanno bene alla salute … ♥  portare la mia cagnetta in ufficio, ad esempio – una volta ogni tanto si può fare, ahah – e vedere che si comporta da angioletto; ♥ scoprire che su Premium Action hanno ricominciato a mandare in onda Supernatural dall’inizio!  uhuh nerd; ♥ l’avvicinarsi di Romics – non è il Comicon, non è neanche Lucca Comics, ma è casa; ♥ provare nuove ricette ( una è questa, ma senza pomodorini, e l’altra è questa, anche se non è più tanto stagione) e scoprire quasi per caso che riescono bene!

I’ll huff I’ll puff and blow you away 

Say you will say you won’t 
Say you’ll do what I don’t 
Say you’re true, say to me
c’est la vie !

Fashion magic Forecasts

Non mi si filerà nessuno – qui lo dico & qui lo nego – ma who cares; fate come vi pare, ma stanno arrivando a grandi passi the statement necklaces

just a couple of examples. la mia absolute favourite è questa (ma questo non vuol dire che me la metterei per andare in giro, premetto & sottolineo), giusto un po’ plateale, ma sicuramente è il più sfavillante esempio della categoria:

giusto un po' plateale, forse. la mia guru in materia, invece, nonché in termini di bangles, anelli, & accessori in generale, è Macademian Girl – fashion blogger a cui manca il senso degli abbinamenti di colore, ma che per il resto è una stella splendente nel cielo della coolness & del glamourness (credo, visto che a 23 anni già scrive per Glamour – Polonia, d’accordo non è il centro di gravità permanente della moda, ma è pur sempre un gran bell’obiettivo). A me piace, mi rallegra gli occhi; e di statement necklaces/cose in generale ne capisce parecchio.

c'è da dire, che è una ragazza semplice. allora, chi mi regala qualcosa del genere?
o dobbiamo per forza aspettare che la moda arrivi fino a quest’angolo sperduto del cosmo (altrimenti detto Italia) ?