Fashion Forecast – STRIPES galore !

Everyone has kept telling us that big girls shouldn’t wear (horizontal) stripes …I know! we’ve been hearing that for ages, don’t we??
Well, well, well: forget that, at least for the season to come! I’m starting to see stripes on every fashion blog I visit …of course I see florals too, but that’s a print you always see during spring time. How about stripes?  they look like a big spring/summer hit!
The lovely girl above is GarnerStyle, of course: great fashion blogger, always looking for something new & original.  & what is she wearing? stripes!

I absolutely love a striped dress on the beach …& Stéphanie Zwicky agrees! I think she looks amazing in this dress, very rétro, incredibly classy. She also owns a striped coat, like the one up up above, that she wore in many occasions (like this one). Seriously, this is really a trend!

& then there’s her …my ever loved fashion guru…Big or Not to Big! wearing stripes, of course. Paired with the most lovely pastel pink skirt, ‘cause she’s cute; & some leopard, ‘cause she’s originally stylish. So adorable!

In conclusion, my dearest girls, make sure you wear stripes anytime you want this season!
you’re not only entitled to it, & have full permission from the style universe…you also have some amazing inspiration all around!


Things I Liked – STOP! it’s SPRING TIME!

Good morning Spring buds! it’s your time to rise & shine!
Finally the calendar says it’s spring time (21st of March=Spring equinox) – the weather may or may not agree with this, but hey, I want to believe!

♥ So to start it, let’s take the dust off of some old goodies (like you do with sundresses & bathing suits!) – this post by Gala Darling is a little bit old, but it popped out on my facebook dashboard a couple of days ago…so let’s enjoy it again! 50 Alternative First Dates Ideas! I have to say, I’d love to go on 90% of them (the watch the sunrise date is my fave). Now that Spring is coming, don’t feel like …love? then I guess it’s a great idea to plan all sorts of first dates: invite your best friend out, plan a fabulous date with your lover, set the alarm to remind yourself of an important meeting you have…with your own adorable self!

♥ still in mood for dusting yourself off? see if you remember some of these old-but-good movies & the fashion inspiration within!
♥ & one more feel good thing: it may not be the top post on my tumblr, but it’s one of the posts I like the most…! there’s so much meaning inside it, so much kindness & sweetness…I think it even moves me a little.

♥ finally, it’s the big moment: Top of the Tops! Top Post on Tumblr, y’all …of course, it’s the lovely Girl With Curves! isn’t she amazing, everyone: back from pregnancy with even more style than ever, beautiful as she could be, & perfectly classy. Love her!

♥ & Most RePinned Pin on Curvy is the Way – thank you very much: neither you not I could resist to Pierce Brosnan & his wife Keely Shaye Smith, right? so I went a little further & got some gossips for you: she’s in her 50s, married to the gorgeous ex-007 & Mamma Mia! co-protagonist since 2001, a journalist, a mother, & what more…oh yes, she’s amazingly curvy! here some more pictures.

Plus Size Lolitas

I don’t know how much you followers know about Lolitas – as a fashion statement, more than about the book where the story came from.
Lolita-girls are basically …dolls; they dress like dolls, wear wigs in pastel colours & create outfits that range from baby clothing to renaissance maids to gothic princesses. I have always felt a sort of fascination for this world, without ever taking part in it; I always felt that my size was an impossible match with this world of baby girls & fairies…but in fact, it is not, as we’ll see!
Since I’ve started noticing more & more plus size styles, I also found out that there are plus size lolitas too, with the complete trousseau: plus size dresses, underwear (very important & specific, as one lolita friend cared to highlight once!), tights, etc. – too bad I was too old when I found out! but no biggie, I keep on watching & admiring my rainbow friends like they’re the barbie dolls I used to have (& wanted to be). I am no expert whatsoever, of course…but I’ve seen enough, & loved enough, to be able to show & share.
So I decided it was about time to share some of my precious finds with you, too… mainly because I love this kind of style; & secondly, because there may be a wanna-be-plus-size-lolita somewhere around here, watching & dreaming … so hello! I’m talking to you! here’s a post of pictures, ideas, & resources you can use…but then I’ll want to see pics I warn you!!

♥ the first Lolita I want to introduce you to, it’s probably my fave of the last period of time … I discovered her blog maybe a couple of years ago, & never let her go since: Georgina of Cupcake’s Clothes! she is awesome: cuteness in a jar, basically. She has pink hair & adorable clothes, & all her pictures are full of nice little pretty details. She also runs an e-shop with handmade things & her spare wardrobe.

♥ second (to none!) is another sweet sweet girl …this time is one of my followers (as much as I am one of hers!!) & her name is Miria of Plus Kawaii. The name says it all, right? but Miria is not only a Lolita; she is also a fashion blogger in general, & on her blog you’ll find ideas on everyday looks. But since we’re talking about Lolita fashion, let me just show one of her looks, which I find terribly adorable (it is a Halloween costume, in reality – but I love it so much that I had to post it! you can go & see more of her directly on her blog).

♥ third…this one is a classic, too: Beck Poppins, on Tumblr! she dresses up a lot, so to say – & many times she looks like a lolita as well. She is big & regal, & hugely creative. Love her!

♥ lastly, I really really want to you meet one of my latest finds…Miriam Wagner & her LookBook! she looks absolutely cute, with her coloured hair & kawaii outfits! I found her page no more than two weeks ago, but I’m totally into it! By the way, I found her through another pretty lolita: PastelKawaii Barbie, whom I love, but still think she should smile more & more “convincingly” – girl, you’ve got it all, why don’t you give us a lolita smile? come on!


** for all of you who want to know more about lolita style, I sincerely recommend you watch a movie called Kamikaze Girls. it’s adorable, funny, & one of the protagonists is an absolute Lolita! then, you can go & see more plus size lolitas right here, on my tumblr. **

Fashion Forecast – PASTEL ‘til I drop !

It all started with a look. I saw the outfit above a while ago; I loved it, posted it on tumblr, & that was about it.
After a short while, I started noticing that this outfit was coming back & forth…I know it’s cute, but I keep seeing it! & I still love it! But then I thought – where would I ever find jeans in that colour? – & voilà … I did (as I already told you here).
You know what that means? If you’re planning some spring shopping … you gotta go pastel or go home!
The good thing about these range of colours is that it really adds light to your skin & eyes, softens your traits, lifts your mood up – & it does look like spring & summer, isn’t it?

 This is Gabifresh, & as you can see she picked mint & lavender …& naturally she looks adorable. Pastel colours make it a lot easier to put an outfit together: being the shades so nice already, you look special even wearing simple jeans & a plain top or shirt.

Luckily brands got that too …this adorable outfit is by ASOS, & they definitely understood next season’s trend.
But even more incredible, even some of the top brands fell under the pastel spell … like Ellie Saab for example (no surprise, with their usual ethereal & magic touch); Just Cavalli; Balmain; Chanel (oh! thank goodness! I love Chanel everyday more); & yes…Victoria’s Secret too.

So I can’t do anything more than cross my fingers & hope spring is gonna come as soon as possible.
In the meantime, we can always close our eyes & have pastel day dreams …

Shop with Me .

So I noticed, I’ve been asked many many times to give advice on where to shop … on-line, obviously (I’d take all of you with me of course, but most of the times we can’t!).
Well, maybe it’s about time that we go through a quick overview of where I like to shop !
For now, I’ll try to summarize all my fave web places in one post only …in the future we’ll see if we need more!

Just a couple of clarifications, before we get started:
° I don’t receive any compensation from these websites; in case this situation will change in the future, I’ll specify it.
° I only write about e-shops where I actually shopped, or periodically shop at. Same as before, if this doesn’t apply in certain cases, I’ll specify.

Ready? comfy shoes on? shopping bags on hand? let’s go!

Of course, I need to start with one of stores I visit more. I like Bonprix because it has a good range of products, at medium to cheap prices. I generally use it for basic items of my wardrobe – everyday blazers, shirts & Tshirts, jeans, leggings…these kind of plain, simple clothes. But you can also find some very cute items, looking with care. The size chart is quite accurate, but you’ll have to be very careful to the description of the item: it always says if it’s tight fitting or loose, elastic or not, etc. They have a plus size section, but most of the items in the general store are also fit for bigger sizes. Delivery is within 15 working days …sometimes a lot less, sometimes a little more: it depends a lot on the time of the order, so you’ll just have to be ready & see.

 ★ La Redoute
Also a big fave of mine. As I often said, it is expensive – sometimes a little too much for me. But one thing you can be sure of: the clothes are worth it. Great fit, great materials, great variety…goes from super-classy to country girl without losing its stylish touch. As for the previous shop, they have a plus size section, too; but most of the clothes fit big sizes as well. The size chart is a little messed up, as far as my measurements are concerned…but I figured how/what/what size to order in a pretty quick time, so I’m sure you’ll do too (ex. I’m an apple shape – small butt, big belly – so to order pants I rely more on the measurement of my belly rather than my butt. simple uh?). I ordered almost anything from them; I never ordered shoes tho, so I have no idea about how they would fit. Delivery time is not as precise as I’d like it to be: they give you a span of time, but if the item is not immediately ready they tend to “forget”…meaning, you never know when you’re gonna get it. It happened to me more than once; I never had problems with the ready-to-ship items, anyway.

 ★ Asos
I love the variety, the style, &  the “air” at Asos. I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked that shop…even before shopping there. To be true, I have to say I haven’t shopped at Asos as many times as I have at the other places…but in my experience so far it is as reliable as the others. The range of products is huge, as you all surely know already – I never bought shoes here, either. I got clothes & accessories, & never had problems, even before they had an italian version of the the e-shop (I used to buy at the .uk one! lovely!).
 ★ Irregular Choice
How do I even explain Irregular Choice?! my heaven on earth (ehr…on internet, sorry) for shoes. I love them – crazy, beautiful, silly, incredible (& a little expensive, but I guess it depends on the £ rate!). They’re always a little uncomfortable at the beginning …but they become amazing after a while. & they are sooooo beautiful! have I mentioned it already? sorry. I love them. They take ages to deliver, sometimes – true; even 3 weeks, which is a long time considering that I live in Italy & they’re based in the UK…it’d be quicker to me to go & collect them by myself, but oh! who cares? they have pretty boxes, too! I’m literally head over feet (ehm, yeah) for these shoes. Oh, let me just show you one of the first pairs I got … & then that’s it.
 ★ Kiabi
First of all, let me say that I’ve only shopped at their “real” store, never online. But since I like the products, & they also have an e-shop, I thought I could drop it here anyway. I consider Kiabi my “cuter Bonprix”! I know, it sounds silly, but I’ve got my reasons: first of all, there I find all the current/most recent trends (thing I can’t say about Bonprix); I also find cute, original items that I only saw online in other shops…but at lower prices! too bad they don’t always have my size – this pisses me off a lot, especially ‘cause their plus size section is ugly, most of the times. oh & by the way, they use the french sizing, which I still don’t get, so…I know, it sounds complicated, & sometimes it is: but I have to say that I got many treasures out of my Kiabi hunt! so I’m gonna leave you with my most recent purchase, & you can make your own decision!

Please remember that I’m fully available to provide advice & help on all of this!
I am also available for Outfit Requests – you found an item, but don’t know how to match? you want an outfit with things of a precise brand? you have an occasion & you don’t know what to wear? drop me a comment & we’ll talk about it!

Goodbye for now, love you all

Special Edition – New Year’s Eve

Helloooo my unwrapped xmas presents!!
How was your Christmas ? did you rock your Christmas outfit out ? I’m sure you did !
now it’s about time … to start thinking about New Year’s Eve outfit ! you didn’t think you get through with it, did ya? ahahah …
First of all, as usual, we’ll have to think through the different options you have: what are your plans for New Year’s Eve ? I thought about a couple of different ideas – but, as usual, you can count on me if you have any specific question/request !
( & don’t forget to take a look at the Night section, on Tumblr …for plenty of inspiration!)


1. real epic New Year’s party
Now, this may look like a 30s dress (& in fact it is) … but look how it shines ! you can pair it with black pumps & a more modern hairdo, & all you see it will be glitter-glitter galore. Great idea for a party, cos you don’t want to disappear among all other guests ..right?! sure you don’t! that’s why my advice is: SHINE ! use black as a base, & add as much gold or silver as you want … cos you are a star, & so you should look. & apart from that … it’s New Year’s Eve & you’re out to parteyyyy !

2. New Year’s holiday, celebrating on the street.
I’ve been there, done that mate! it’s great fun, if you’re with the right people … & not freezing your *you-know-what* off! so we’ll try to think of something warm, but still awesome … uhmmmm yeah, I think I have just what we need …pants, pants (or leggings!) is what we need; comfy so you can walk around, warm so you won’t be frozen by 00:30 & asking to get back to the hotel; but still, we need a (lot) little sparkle, somewhere! so … SEQUINS, my girls, that’s what you should be looking for !

 3. Home party – adorable, but not so craaaazy.
& voilà: my option for this year. Yes, my champagne sparkles … this year, I’m celebrating with my family. But whether you have a ton of friends around your house, or your family, it doesn’t matter: your outfit should be shiny, but not over the top … in other words: RELAX ! pick your fave things from your wardrobe, add a little something extra (one-of-a-kind shoes, feathers on your head, glitters all over) & you’re ready to laugh & be silly & have fun til morning!
PS. the one I’m about to show you is going to be (more or less) my own outfit for New Year’s night … make sure you won’t tell anyone, uh? it’ll be our little secret until the 31st !! 😉

that is all, my lovely followers – I truly hope you have fantabulous holidays, a great New Year’s Eve party … & of course, an amazing 2014 !
spend a thought about me at midnight, have tons of fun … & I’m surely seeing you soon !!

Fashion Forecast – I’m having a doubt

… my existential doubt is: are onesies the next fashion thing ?

Right after I was done getting used to tartan – which, as I told you, didn’t see me as the first of fans …tho I guessed right, it was a big winter trend – do I have to start considering onesies as something to wear outside ? not like I’ve never heard of onesies/one piece pajamas before. On the contrary: I love them! as pajamas, of course; cute & lovely & childish as you wish…yes. I’ve seen many, & I usually want them all (especially this one…OMG).

 But, I mean: would you seriously wear it to go out ? like ” hello, this is my daily outfit, it didn’t take a while to put it together: it’s an onesies! ” erhm. Not convincing, if you want my opinion. Sure, you could wander around the house with it … & I guess you can get out if you really forgot to buy milk or if you need to take your dog for a really quick walk (around the building, not even the block!) – but you have to wear a hoodie on top, or a jacket, or a coat.
Or … I guess I know what our fashion future will be like.