Tips & Tricks – on POSING.

I don’t know about you girls ….but me, I am always freaked out by pictures. I don’t like the way I look, I don’t like how fat I look, I don’t know how to stand or sit or smile! the result? mostly ugly pictures.
So that’s why I’m here today, ‘cause … it’s all about posing! whether you are a fashion blogger, a wannabe plus size model, or just a cutie posing for holiday pictures, you should know how to rock that camera.

1. first thing first … move those legs! we don’t have extra-long, super-skinny, model-like legs – so let’s get a move on, twist & curve them! & no more scary “I have chunky legs” thoughts.

2.  don’t face it, take it sideways! don’t you understand? you wouldn’t have those curves, if you weren’t supposed to turn & twist your body following them. So whenever you can, don’t face the camera standing or sitting directly towards its flat face – move & flirt like the big winding snake that you are.

3. direct the attention wherever you like. You can manage the viewer’s attention however you like – you have this kind of power. Show your best feature, or a part of your body that you don’t mind showing – & that’ll capture the eyes more than any of your flaws.

4. be silly, play around! this is one of the most important tricks – if you don’t want the viewer (including yourself!) to focus on your fat or thighs or whatever, let them focus on how much fun you’re having! smile, show your clothes, lean on something, make faces, play-play-play! you’ll have fun, & you’ll be fun to see!

6. walk-walk-fashion baby – just like Lady Gaga would say: WALK! if you can, don’t stand still: MOVE! the results are immediate & amazing.

5. strike a pose. Obvious, uh? not really. Hands on your hips, & you may feel a little ridiculous – but it works! models don’t stand in certain positions because they like it …they do because they come out better in photos! so do the same. look around, grab inspiration wherever you like, & do it.

this is it, at least for our first post about Posing … hope you liked it!