Things I Liked – ‘til I collapse.

Yessss…I’ve been listening to Eminem again! my big big love for years…then I quit for a while, I guess I needed a little hip-hop break after he himself said he wanted to retire from the scene…but there’s still no one else who can help me better, when I feel pissed off & want to let loose! so I’m gonna share with you this song & hope you like it too.

Top Post from Tumblr: the super-lovely, ever-inspiring Chastity of Garner Style ! cute, stylish, & what more. Only she can rock such a pretty striped dress (which is not a dress, but two pieces – bust still, I’d love if it were a dress & it totally looks like it is one!) …as usual, my tumblr followers have great taste !

Most Repinned Pin on Curvy is the Way! This e-card got a massive response…& I like this: it’s a very important message, that’s why I decided to post it on the first place. I manage two plus size fashion blogs, I know: but that doesn’t mean I only care or I think only plus sizes are beautiful or important or relevant to the fashion industry..on the opposite: I believe in the right for everyone to feel pretty. Usually plus sizes have a tougher time doing it than skinny girls: true. But at the same time, it is simply stupid to give importance to one “group” by opposing it to the “other”…that’s exactly what the fashion industry did all this time, & we all know that it is wrong. What I want to see now is no more “Skinny is Better than Fat” but “Every body shape is good”. Health is important, not size.

Fashion Crush of the week …you saw it coming! you should have, at least. I am so happy I found this girl‘s blog! I had seen a couple of her outfits around the web, but could never trace them back to her blog – & the other day voilà! there she is! as usually, life gives you what you’re looking for…when you’re not looking for it (I wish it would work for everything else too). So please enjoy this stylish lady, & especially the first outfit that had me fall in love with her blog.

 ♥ now to my bits of OOTDs…I can’t love these tights more! so cute! the blue is so dark that sometimes I mistake it for black, but whatever – no one’s perfect, surely not my wardrobe. I love the motif on these tights: it totally looks like I’m wearing decorated socks & I adore to wear them with boots …they look absolutely perfect. This is one of my fave finds at the local flea market!




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