Plus Size Lolitas

I don’t know how much you followers know about Lolitas – as a fashion statement, more than about the book where the story came from.
Lolita-girls are basically …dolls; they dress like dolls, wear wigs in pastel colours & create outfits that range from baby clothing to renaissance maids to gothic princesses. I have always felt a sort of fascination for this world, without ever taking part in it; I always felt that my size was an impossible match with this world of baby girls & fairies…but in fact, it is not, as we’ll see!
Since I’ve started noticing more & more plus size styles, I also found out that there are plus size lolitas too, with the complete trousseau: plus size dresses, underwear (very important & specific, as one lolita friend cared to highlight once!), tights, etc. – too bad I was too old when I found out! but no biggie, I keep on watching & admiring my rainbow friends like they’re the barbie dolls I used to have (& wanted to be). I am no expert whatsoever, of course…but I’ve seen enough, & loved enough, to be able to show & share.
So I decided it was about time to share some of my precious finds with you, too… mainly because I love this kind of style; & secondly, because there may be a wanna-be-plus-size-lolita somewhere around here, watching & dreaming … so hello! I’m talking to you! here’s a post of pictures, ideas, & resources you can use…but then I’ll want to see pics I warn you!!

♥ the first Lolita I want to introduce you to, it’s probably my fave of the last period of time … I discovered her blog maybe a couple of years ago, & never let her go since: Georgina of Cupcake’s Clothes! she is awesome: cuteness in a jar, basically. She has pink hair & adorable clothes, & all her pictures are full of nice little pretty details. She also runs an e-shop with handmade things & her spare wardrobe.

♥ second (to none!) is another sweet sweet girl …this time is one of my followers (as much as I am one of hers!!) & her name is Miria of Plus Kawaii. The name says it all, right? but Miria is not only a Lolita; she is also a fashion blogger in general, & on her blog you’ll find ideas on everyday looks. But since we’re talking about Lolita fashion, let me just show one of her looks, which I find terribly adorable (it is a Halloween costume, in reality – but I love it so much that I had to post it! you can go & see more of her directly on her blog).

♥ third…this one is a classic, too: Beck Poppins, on Tumblr! she dresses up a lot, so to say – & many times she looks like a lolita as well. She is big & regal, & hugely creative. Love her!

♥ lastly, I really really want to you meet one of my latest finds…Miriam Wagner & her LookBook! she looks absolutely cute, with her coloured hair & kawaii outfits! I found her page no more than two weeks ago, but I’m totally into it! By the way, I found her through another pretty lolita: PastelKawaii Barbie, whom I love, but still think she should smile more & more “convincingly” – girl, you’ve got it all, why don’t you give us a lolita smile? come on!


** for all of you who want to know more about lolita style, I sincerely recommend you watch a movie called Kamikaze Girls. it’s adorable, funny, & one of the protagonists is an absolute Lolita! then, you can go & see more plus size lolitas right here, on my tumblr. **


4 pensieri su “Plus Size Lolitas

  1. Uhhh ma non avevo visto questo post! *_*
    Grazie per la “menzione” in effetti sul blog non metto più outfit lolita (casini passati, lasciamo perdere XD ), però si, per quel costume avevo usato praticamente solo cose che indosso con il lolita XD

    • ciao Miria ❤
      avevo notato la mancanza, infatti ..ed è un peccato, perché ci sono moltissime lolita (o "wannabe" lolita) plus size che avrebbero bisogno di consigli, aiuto nel trovare negozi e ispirazione…tu saresti sicuramente perfetta per aiutarle! se ne hai voglia, e se ti interessa, ti offro un "guest post" qui 😉


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