Things I Liked – spring wishes.

You Are Gorgeous.
No matter what – what society says, what other people say, what the TV makes you believe – you are gorgeous to me.
I want to write this down because of many reasons: I receive messages on Tumblr, where I get thanked because I offer inspiration & plus size role models to girls who don’t have any; I read about girls who don’t know how to love themselves, or where to start; I am myself constantly looking for my self-esteem.
Of course, I am not perfect, nor the most self confident person in this world: but I’m trying really hard, & that’s why my web spaces exist. I want to share my journey, my research, my inspiration & my findings …with you.
Because You Are Special. To Me.
You read me, comment me, follow me, pin my pins, re-blog my posts.
You look for inspiration, research to find self confidence, want to see more outfits that may look good on you.
You are like me. I am like you.
& I love you, as much as I’m trying to love myself.

♥ well, well, well … I have added enough sugar to this Friday, I think! weren’t we talking about Tumblr? then let’s talk about it seriously – with this week’s Top Post! I think my fellow tumblers must be missing hot weather, like me (at the moment, I’m seriously shivering; & it’s about to rain – told you!) ‘cause look at what they mostly favored this week …

♥ & let’s not forget about my beloved Pinterest! what’s this week’s Top Pin? rise & shine, & get ready to go out ! this pin makes me feel like that, I swear. & it also has a certain Great Gatsby touch…I think it’s the headband. Anyway, the entire outfit (it’s Macy’s, btw) is totally special … I wonder if I would rock such a dress & where & when … but then I think: who cares? it’s too pretty to miss!

♥ all this (bathing suits & shiny things & so on) makes me think about spring more & more …so I want to share two pretty spring-y videos I just watched: DIY Minnie Mouse Ears (pink & sparkles time!) & Spring Favourites both by the super-cutie Charisma Star. There’s nothing better than surround yourself with sequins, pastel & florals to get you in a spring mood…& I just can’t wait for it to happen!

♥ & then there’s me …grey frills (thrift shop skirt! lucky find), my all time fave galaxy leggings (ebay!), & a little teal + floral ! (Bonprix & lace-up boots by Manhattan, for these last days of rain). The pictures are not exactly good; but well, I hope you won’t mind!



Things I Liked – ‘til I collapse.

Yessss…I’ve been listening to Eminem again! my big big love for years…then I quit for a while, I guess I needed a little hip-hop break after he himself said he wanted to retire from the scene…but there’s still no one else who can help me better, when I feel pissed off & want to let loose! so I’m gonna share with you this song & hope you like it too.

Top Post from Tumblr: the super-lovely, ever-inspiring Chastity of Garner Style ! cute, stylish, & what more. Only she can rock such a pretty striped dress (which is not a dress, but two pieces – bust still, I’d love if it were a dress & it totally looks like it is one!) …as usual, my tumblr followers have great taste !

Most Repinned Pin on Curvy is the Way! This e-card got a massive response…& I like this: it’s a very important message, that’s why I decided to post it on the first place. I manage two plus size fashion blogs, I know: but that doesn’t mean I only care or I think only plus sizes are beautiful or important or relevant to the fashion industry..on the opposite: I believe in the right for everyone to feel pretty. Usually plus sizes have a tougher time doing it than skinny girls: true. But at the same time, it is simply stupid to give importance to one “group” by opposing it to the “other”…that’s exactly what the fashion industry did all this time, & we all know that it is wrong. What I want to see now is no more “Skinny is Better than Fat” but “Every body shape is good”. Health is important, not size.

Fashion Crush of the week …you saw it coming! you should have, at least. I am so happy I found this girl‘s blog! I had seen a couple of her outfits around the web, but could never trace them back to her blog – & the other day voilà! there she is! as usually, life gives you what you’re looking for…when you’re not looking for it (I wish it would work for everything else too). So please enjoy this stylish lady, & especially the first outfit that had me fall in love with her blog.

 ♥ now to my bits of OOTDs…I can’t love these tights more! so cute! the blue is so dark that sometimes I mistake it for black, but whatever – no one’s perfect, surely not my wardrobe. I love the motif on these tights: it totally looks like I’m wearing decorated socks & I adore to wear them with boots …they look absolutely perfect. This is one of my fave finds at the local flea market!


Plus Size Lolitas

I don’t know how much you followers know about Lolitas – as a fashion statement, more than about the book where the story came from.
Lolita-girls are basically …dolls; they dress like dolls, wear wigs in pastel colours & create outfits that range from baby clothing to renaissance maids to gothic princesses. I have always felt a sort of fascination for this world, without ever taking part in it; I always felt that my size was an impossible match with this world of baby girls & fairies…but in fact, it is not, as we’ll see!
Since I’ve started noticing more & more plus size styles, I also found out that there are plus size lolitas too, with the complete trousseau: plus size dresses, underwear (very important & specific, as one lolita friend cared to highlight once!), tights, etc. – too bad I was too old when I found out! but no biggie, I keep on watching & admiring my rainbow friends like they’re the barbie dolls I used to have (& wanted to be). I am no expert whatsoever, of course…but I’ve seen enough, & loved enough, to be able to show & share.
So I decided it was about time to share some of my precious finds with you, too… mainly because I love this kind of style; & secondly, because there may be a wanna-be-plus-size-lolita somewhere around here, watching & dreaming … so hello! I’m talking to you! here’s a post of pictures, ideas, & resources you can use…but then I’ll want to see pics I warn you!!

♥ the first Lolita I want to introduce you to, it’s probably my fave of the last period of time … I discovered her blog maybe a couple of years ago, & never let her go since: Georgina of Cupcake’s Clothes! she is awesome: cuteness in a jar, basically. She has pink hair & adorable clothes, & all her pictures are full of nice little pretty details. She also runs an e-shop with handmade things & her spare wardrobe.

♥ second (to none!) is another sweet sweet girl …this time is one of my followers (as much as I am one of hers!!) & her name is Miria of Plus Kawaii. The name says it all, right? but Miria is not only a Lolita; she is also a fashion blogger in general, & on her blog you’ll find ideas on everyday looks. But since we’re talking about Lolita fashion, let me just show one of her looks, which I find terribly adorable (it is a Halloween costume, in reality – but I love it so much that I had to post it! you can go & see more of her directly on her blog).

♥ third…this one is a classic, too: Beck Poppins, on Tumblr! she dresses up a lot, so to say – & many times she looks like a lolita as well. She is big & regal, & hugely creative. Love her!

♥ lastly, I really really want to you meet one of my latest finds…Miriam Wagner & her LookBook! she looks absolutely cute, with her coloured hair & kawaii outfits! I found her page no more than two weeks ago, but I’m totally into it! By the way, I found her through another pretty lolita: PastelKawaii Barbie, whom I love, but still think she should smile more & more “convincingly” – girl, you’ve got it all, why don’t you give us a lolita smile? come on!


** for all of you who want to know more about lolita style, I sincerely recommend you watch a movie called Kamikaze Girls. it’s adorable, funny, & one of the protagonists is an absolute Lolita! then, you can go & see more plus size lolitas right here, on my tumblr. **

Things I Like – Valentine’s Special !

YeeeeeY it’s Valentine’s Day !
I know right – commercial festivity of the year, nightmare for lonely hearts club, etc.etc. I know all that, I’ve been single during Valentine’s Day for most of my life.
NO BIGGIE, ladies & gents…trust me. I’ve got a post full of love & ideas & things to read for you & you only, my mostly beloved followers.
You may not have found that special someone, but you have surely found that special blog … it’s me & I love youuuu! let me show you how much.

♥ first thing you need to keep in mind, it’s to avoid Low-Grade Misery towards yourself. You know what I mean? that constant, day-to-day self-hate that doesn’t kill you but definately makes you weaker. That continuous stream of this doesn’t look good on me, I shouldn’t eat this, I shouldn’t talk so loud, I’m ugly when I do this-that-blah-blah-blah. Give yourself a present for this Valentine’s Day: STOP. You are enough. You are OK. Everyday.

♥ before you even start celebrating, take a moment & Get Your Spark Back … or simply, learn How to Survive to Bad Mood. I know that this time of the year can be a little sad, in certain ways…but there’s no better time to learn how to get back up when you feel down, & experiment different ways to make yourself feel better no matter what!

♥ & now that you’re all set up … Start a Gratitude Jar! what a cute little thought, for you, for your lover, for your friends…whatever. Make it the focus of 2014, all right? & maybe you can plan a “gratitude date” for yourself, for next year’s Valentine! so that it’ll be no more important if you have a date with someone else, ‘cause it’s gonna be the day you open the Gratitude Jar & find all the good, loving, lucky moments you lived.

♥ make something! yes, why not? if you have no plan for the night – tho, remember, single friends valentine’s parties are the best! – dedicate your body & sould to DIY projects. You know, one of those you keep dreaming about & procrastinating at the same time? it’s time to get  a move on! Bake a cute treat, make a paper garland, try to replicate these origami butterflies, or make bracelets for you & your friends, to show some love…in the end, that’s what Valentine’s Day is all about.

♥ last but – omg no – not least .. dress up! this is a fashion blog after all. & there is always a good reason to dress up: going to a party, to a romantic dinner, or curling up under a blanket with a huge cup of hot chocolate & your favourite movie. Yes, they are all great reasons, let me show you how.


so finally, allow me to tell you one last thing, before you dive into this lovey-dovey day:
I love you.
A lot.




Things I Liked – a handfull of ideas!

I loooove to be inspired ! Probably just as much as I’d love to inspire others.
That’s why I constantly look for articles, blogs, pictures that ring a bell inside my brain &  make me want to share, know more, think over anything. & so I’m more than happy to be able to share a lot of inspiration with you, this week !

♥ but first, here’s the Top Post chosen by my Tumblr followers …I knew this was going to be adored! I love the quote & the image, so simple & soooo true.

♥ secondly, your Most Repinned Pin on Curvy is the Way! this week you have a thing for quotes & the so-called saying images, uh? I’m good with that! we need to grab inspiration anywhere we can, & attach positivity posters on every wall…I’m especially attached to this one, because I used it for a post I made a while ago, in which I considered all things that came into my mind when thinking “plus size”. I’d love you to take a look at the post & tell me what you think.

♥ & now, something to read & think about: Fashion Psychology.Have you ever thought about it? Fashion is a lot about the outside…but also very much about the inside! how clothes make us feel, of course, is important; but at the same time, do you always feel clothes-worthy? do you not wear certain clothes ‘cause you don’t feel skinny/smart/brave/pretty enough? oh, I do, I do.

♥ How about the Girl Code? do you believe in it … & first & foremost, do you believe there is one? I have to say, I believe in People Code – meaning, things you do or don’t with people in general, not only with girl friends or females in general. Obviously, I also have a certain Best Friend Code – rules like you have to be there when I call, you don’t ask questions, you give free/unrequested compliments, you walk that extra mile, etc… which are all the things I do in the first place. Do you have a specific behaviour code that you use with a specific kind of people? do you believe in female solidarity?

other things I liked this week … ♥ having a post on my tumblr liked & reblogged by two of my fave bloggers! uhuh! I’m all fangirling right now. ♥ my new fave board/nerdy game: Krosmaster – aaahrr ! I’m gonna defeat my (cute as hell) enemies & win the battle! ♥ playing games with my hubby, instead of watching stupid-boring TV: so much better, & so much more fun. ♥ planning nights out with girlfriends I haven’t seen in a while – no matter where we go & what we do, I can’t wait to see you!