Things I Liked a.k.a. Best of the Week

Hello everyone … & truly, madly, deeply sorry for my absence.
Life in 2014 has not revealed to be better than 2013 … I’m going through quite a tough time, both economically and psychologically. I wish for the best, & I’m really trying to make things better; but many times I just feel exhausted & worn out at the end of the day – & also at the beginning, sometimes – & that’s surely not the right mood for blogging.
So, again, sorry – sorry – sorry for the lack of updates …but I’m pretty sure you didn’t want to know what was going on, in my dark & sad days.

But now! back to us!
Do you wanna know what’s the best of best of what happened this week?
let’s go & find out!

fave post on my tumblr: this adorable pin-up! my followers have a thing for cartoons – probably because we don’t have many in plus size shapes! – so I’m always happy when I find some digital art that I like & to be able to share it with everybody .. by the way, you can find many many more here.

♥ fave pin on Curvy is The Way!  it’s the lovely Frocks & Frou Frou … she has an amazing style: simple, a little retro, never boring. I love her blog so much! I also tried to write to her once…to express my appreciation, as a follower – she never replied, oh well. This outfit has a couple of my fave style-points: polka-dots, blue & yellow, & of course… it’s a dress!

♥ fave APP! I think it’s both on Iphone & Android, & on Facebook too … it’s Jelly Splash! it’s a cute little game with cute little jellies that you have to splash …I’m getting dumb, I confess – I didn’t even want to dowload it, but one by one all my family & a lot of friends got into that playfull trap, I got curious & … yeah. I love it now. But some levels are sooo damn hard. ugh.
♥ fave color match of the week: teal & hot pink. Don’t you think it’s great? here, have a picture.




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