Things I Liked – i giorni della merla

Hello friends & folks, & welcome to the days formerly called “giorni della merla“! the last days of January (the coldest days of the year, they say) are so-called because of a legend: back in the days, a female blackbird (merla) sheltered her chicks & herself into a chimney, to hide from the extreme cold…they say blackbirds were white back then…but when they came out, in spring, they had become all black because of the soot. & here’s the story, why blackbirds are black & these days…I’m totally freezing my booty!
( PS. does any of you remember that cheerleading movie…? that’s the song I keep repeating myself lately, ahah)

So my friends, it’s about time for another ” best of the week “ !
What have you been up to?
I’ve been planning (evil planning? ahaha no don’t worry) or at least trying …we’ll seen how it gets!

♥ I’m gonna start with the Top Post of the week, on Tumblr! which is always a good idea. Oh, I love my followers! in this cold weather, they manage to bring back up a post from April…& a summery sailor dress! so cute, but seriously..? are you guys already planning summer vacation? oh my gosh, I wish I could too! meanwhile, I’ll just take long dreamy looks to this outfit.

♥ & how about the Most RePinned Pin on Curvy is The Way? there she is ! Eli, from Barcelona…I’m telling you, she’s got great style! very fashionable, with a little extra touch. I love this outfit: versatile, so you wear it for a casual work day or to go out; classic, but with a twist, given by the leopard print of the shoes. Still, it’s a spring look … I get it now: all my followers are dead tired of winter & the’re all starting dreaming about spring wardrobe! I’m with you darlings!!

speaking of Pinterest & spring looks…I have a crush con pastel colors, you know? & it’s getting worst, ahah! I recently got 2 pairs of pastel skinny jeans (coral/pink & mint – like the ones you see here – adorable) & I never have enough of inspirational pictures in all those cute little soft colours … so here, have a selection of pastel love, just for you!

I also have to say, I’m pretty proud of this post I made, Shop With Me. I tried to be as exhaustive as I could…& I think I made it! of course, I’m open to any comment & request. & speaking of requests…I am fully available to help you with your Outfit Requests ! remember !

♥ This week …I’m totally loving burgundy – another one of my winter’s signature colours! burgundy & white is my fave match, above all others; I can’t remeber if you’ve already seen me wearing this dress; it’s really soft cotton, & the colour is lovely, but the elastic part around the waist makes it a little weird-looking on me. Anyway, since I’m never discouraged after the first attempt, I noticed that wearing a blazer on top (& I have the best one, from LIST! same exact colour!) makes everything looks nicer …ow, & yeah, I’m sorry about the white shirt underneath – it doesn’t look classy to me either, but it’s freezing cold & I have no intention whatsoever to catch the flu just to look perfect. whatevs.



Shop with Me .

So I noticed, I’ve been asked many many times to give advice on where to shop … on-line, obviously (I’d take all of you with me of course, but most of the times we can’t!).
Well, maybe it’s about time that we go through a quick overview of where I like to shop !
For now, I’ll try to summarize all my fave web places in one post only …in the future we’ll see if we need more!

Just a couple of clarifications, before we get started:
° I don’t receive any compensation from these websites; in case this situation will change in the future, I’ll specify it.
° I only write about e-shops where I actually shopped, or periodically shop at. Same as before, if this doesn’t apply in certain cases, I’ll specify.

Ready? comfy shoes on? shopping bags on hand? let’s go!

Of course, I need to start with one of stores I visit more. I like Bonprix because it has a good range of products, at medium to cheap prices. I generally use it for basic items of my wardrobe – everyday blazers, shirts & Tshirts, jeans, leggings…these kind of plain, simple clothes. But you can also find some very cute items, looking with care. The size chart is quite accurate, but you’ll have to be very careful to the description of the item: it always says if it’s tight fitting or loose, elastic or not, etc. They have a plus size section, but most of the items in the general store are also fit for bigger sizes. Delivery is within 15 working days …sometimes a lot less, sometimes a little more: it depends a lot on the time of the order, so you’ll just have to be ready & see.

 ★ La Redoute
Also a big fave of mine. As I often said, it is expensive – sometimes a little too much for me. But one thing you can be sure of: the clothes are worth it. Great fit, great materials, great variety…goes from super-classy to country girl without losing its stylish touch. As for the previous shop, they have a plus size section, too; but most of the clothes fit big sizes as well. The size chart is a little messed up, as far as my measurements are concerned…but I figured how/what/what size to order in a pretty quick time, so I’m sure you’ll do too (ex. I’m an apple shape – small butt, big belly – so to order pants I rely more on the measurement of my belly rather than my butt. simple uh?). I ordered almost anything from them; I never ordered shoes tho, so I have no idea about how they would fit. Delivery time is not as precise as I’d like it to be: they give you a span of time, but if the item is not immediately ready they tend to “forget”…meaning, you never know when you’re gonna get it. It happened to me more than once; I never had problems with the ready-to-ship items, anyway.

 ★ Asos
I love the variety, the style, &  the “air” at Asos. I don’t know why, but I’ve always liked that shop…even before shopping there. To be true, I have to say I haven’t shopped at Asos as many times as I have at the other places…but in my experience so far it is as reliable as the others. The range of products is huge, as you all surely know already – I never bought shoes here, either. I got clothes & accessories, & never had problems, even before they had an italian version of the the e-shop (I used to buy at the .uk one! lovely!).
 ★ Irregular Choice
How do I even explain Irregular Choice?! my heaven on earth (ehr…on internet, sorry) for shoes. I love them – crazy, beautiful, silly, incredible (& a little expensive, but I guess it depends on the £ rate!). They’re always a little uncomfortable at the beginning …but they become amazing after a while. & they are sooooo beautiful! have I mentioned it already? sorry. I love them. They take ages to deliver, sometimes – true; even 3 weeks, which is a long time considering that I live in Italy & they’re based in the UK…it’d be quicker to me to go & collect them by myself, but oh! who cares? they have pretty boxes, too! I’m literally head over feet (ehm, yeah) for these shoes. Oh, let me just show you one of the first pairs I got … & then that’s it.
 ★ Kiabi
First of all, let me say that I’ve only shopped at their “real” store, never online. But since I like the products, & they also have an e-shop, I thought I could drop it here anyway. I consider Kiabi my “cuter Bonprix”! I know, it sounds silly, but I’ve got my reasons: first of all, there I find all the current/most recent trends (thing I can’t say about Bonprix); I also find cute, original items that I only saw online in other shops…but at lower prices! too bad they don’t always have my size – this pisses me off a lot, especially ‘cause their plus size section is ugly, most of the times. oh & by the way, they use the french sizing, which I still don’t get, so…I know, it sounds complicated, & sometimes it is: but I have to say that I got many treasures out of my Kiabi hunt! so I’m gonna leave you with my most recent purchase, & you can make your own decision!

Please remember that I’m fully available to provide advice & help on all of this!
I am also available for Outfit Requests – you found an item, but don’t know how to match? you want an outfit with things of a precise brand? you have an occasion & you don’t know what to wear? drop me a comment & we’ll talk about it!

Goodbye for now, love you all

Things I Liked a.k.a. Best of the Week

Hello everyone … & truly, madly, deeply sorry for my absence.
Life in 2014 has not revealed to be better than 2013 … I’m going through quite a tough time, both economically and psychologically. I wish for the best, & I’m really trying to make things better; but many times I just feel exhausted & worn out at the end of the day – & also at the beginning, sometimes – & that’s surely not the right mood for blogging.
So, again, sorry – sorry – sorry for the lack of updates …but I’m pretty sure you didn’t want to know what was going on, in my dark & sad days.

But now! back to us!
Do you wanna know what’s the best of best of what happened this week?
let’s go & find out!

fave post on my tumblr: this adorable pin-up! my followers have a thing for cartoons – probably because we don’t have many in plus size shapes! – so I’m always happy when I find some digital art that I like & to be able to share it with everybody .. by the way, you can find many many more here.

♥ fave pin on Curvy is The Way!  it’s the lovely Frocks & Frou Frou … she has an amazing style: simple, a little retro, never boring. I love her blog so much! I also tried to write to her once…to express my appreciation, as a follower – she never replied, oh well. This outfit has a couple of my fave style-points: polka-dots, blue & yellow, & of course… it’s a dress!

♥ fave APP! I think it’s both on Iphone & Android, & on Facebook too … it’s Jelly Splash! it’s a cute little game with cute little jellies that you have to splash …I’m getting dumb, I confess – I didn’t even want to dowload it, but one by one all my family & a lot of friends got into that playfull trap, I got curious & … yeah. I love it now. But some levels are sooo damn hard. ugh.
♥ fave color match of the week: teal & hot pink. Don’t you think it’s great? here, have a picture.