Things I Liked – open brackets

My super-duper-lovely friends ! Happy everything !
I’m just passing by to wish you the happiest new year, & to share with you a couple of finds I stumbled upon during these last few days …

♥ first & foremost, THE app of the moment: CLUMSY NINJA ! omg, I’m damn in love with this silly little funny thing. In this game, you have to train your little goofy ninja – you can lift it up & tickle him, make it fall or jump on a trampoline or hit a punch-ball … so many things, & every time it’s just sooo silly & funny. Give it a try!
♥ secondly, don’t forget to go & check out my Festivity Un-Obvious board on Pinterest … I keep it continuously updated with ideas & inspiration on decorations, table-setting, & any other thing that I see for all festivities …quite sure you’ll find some good idea for New Year’s Eve, too !
♥ oh and .. in case you’re into DIY decorating, check this cute Paper Snowflakes tutorial – looks so easy !
♥ are you wondering how to look shiny on New Year’s Eve? here, I found some make-up ideas that could be interesting: strong blue & purple; delicate brown smokey; holiday party make-up; or this adorable glittery holiday make-up. Make sure you focus on one element only – eyes, lips, you know how that works. & make sure to shine !!
♥ just one more thing … this is the time when everyone makes new year’s resolutions; I thought about it a lot, cos I usually don’t like to make any – I believe that there’s no point in making promises so long ahead, & if you want to do something, you’ll do it despite the fact that you promised or not. But maybe, for once, I can try & give myself a couple of goals … objective, realistic goals that I can (at least!) try to keep in mind. My New Year’s Resolution is .. to be more gentle; kinder, lighter, more gracefully open to the world. I truly hope I can improve a little on that.
Now, if you want to come with me in this journey … let me start with a gift for you, to help you & support you: this downloadable New Year’s Resolution poster, that you can print & fill & attach wherever you like.


so go get your sequins on, fix your hair & make-up … & don’t forget to smile !
I wish you the most shiny night, & the most amazing 2014 !



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