What I Wore – standing in line.

While we’re all celebrating and/or recovering from celebrations, let me just drop you a couple of outfits I had in store …
enjoy & have a great time !!
love you all !!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Teal time + special accessories ! perfect outfit to go out for brunch with one of my best friends – the one that gave me the BFF ring you see above (from Accessorize, which we both love to death). I’m also especially attached to the sea life themed ring & necklace: they’re by Didepux, & I was very satisfied by my purchase (even tho it took ages to get here! so mad at Greek-Italian mail service!) … I love sea horses with all my heart, & I get compliments everywhere I go cos this set is so cute & original. I’m also very much in love with my Stradivarius teal clutch, & I’ll tell you why: I went out one day with my mom, looking for a teal clutch & knowing I wouldn’t probably find it … firstly because teal wasn’t so in style back then, & second because for as much as I love clutches (& I do, I never stand half way: either super small, or super big purses) I’m very picky with them. So I was explaining all this to my mom while walking into Stradivarius … I turn around … & voila! there she was! my mom still thinks she has a sort of magical power to make things appear out of nowhere, since then. It’s been love at first sight, & it kept going on ever since. Sorry for the long story, but it had to be told.

OOTD11 Black is always a good choice, when you don’t want to put much effort into an outfit but still look nice … I personally think the result was pretty good on this one. My fave blazer from LIST completes the look, while the shirt from Decathlon keeps me warm, & Buffalo wedges sneakers (similar ones on Zalando) do the same with my feet! both my rings are handmade, & adorable.

OOTD12 Hello, my favourite everything! I kept this one for last, cos I feel so great in it; so much so that I’m thinking about keep it aside & wearing the exact same outfit again & again (& I don’t usually do it, if I can avoid). The black & grey dress is from Bonprix, &  it is extremely comfy, flattering, & great even in its simplicity: it has little ruffles at the bottom, & a wool full collar & sleeves that make it warm enough but not heavy. Both rings are handmade & super lovely, just like my new grey & black tights.



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