Special Edition – New Year’s Eve

Helloooo my unwrapped xmas presents!!
How was your Christmas ? did you rock your Christmas outfit out ? I’m sure you did !
now it’s about time … to start thinking about New Year’s Eve outfit ! you didn’t think you get through with it, did ya? ahahah …
First of all, as usual, we’ll have to think through the different options you have: what are your plans for New Year’s Eve ? I thought about a couple of different ideas – but, as usual, you can count on me if you have any specific question/request !
( & don’t forget to take a look at the Night section, on Tumblr …for plenty of inspiration!)


1. real epic New Year’s party
Now, this may look like a 30s dress (& in fact it is) … but look how it shines ! you can pair it with black pumps & a more modern hairdo, & all you see it will be glitter-glitter galore. Great idea for a party, cos you don’t want to disappear among all other guests ..right?! sure you don’t! that’s why my advice is: SHINE ! use black as a base, & add as much gold or silver as you want … cos you are a star, & so you should look. & apart from that … it’s New Year’s Eve & you’re out to parteyyyy !

2. New Year’s holiday, celebrating on the street.
I’ve been there, done that mate! it’s great fun, if you’re with the right people … & not freezing your *you-know-what* off! so we’ll try to think of something warm, but still awesome … uhmmmm yeah, I think I have just what we need …pants, pants (or leggings!) is what we need; comfy so you can walk around, warm so you won’t be frozen by 00:30 & asking to get back to the hotel; but still, we need a (lot) little sparkle, somewhere! so … SEQUINS, my girls, that’s what you should be looking for !

 3. Home party – adorable, but not so craaaazy.
& voilà: my option for this year. Yes, my champagne sparkles … this year, I’m celebrating with my family. But whether you have a ton of friends around your house, or your family, it doesn’t matter: your outfit should be shiny, but not over the top … in other words: RELAX ! pick your fave things from your wardrobe, add a little something extra (one-of-a-kind shoes, feathers on your head, glitters all over) & you’re ready to laugh & be silly & have fun til morning!
PS. the one I’m about to show you is going to be (more or less) my own outfit for New Year’s night … make sure you won’t tell anyone, uh? it’ll be our little secret until the 31st !! 😉

that is all, my lovely followers – I truly hope you have fantabulous holidays, a great New Year’s Eve party … & of course, an amazing 2014 !
spend a thought about me at midnight, have tons of fun … & I’m surely seeing you soon !!



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