What I Wore – it’s soooo cold.

Haaaaaaaappy Xmas everyone !!
I know you’re all busy planning & getting ready & all, but I just passed by to wish you all the best for these holidays & share with you some outfits of these past days … I’ll probably be away celebrating for a little while, so I’ll leave a queue of outfits to keep you company & … I’ll see you after holidays !
Be good, have all the yummy food you feel like, don’t think too much: in other words H A V E  F U N !

OOTD7lavender is such a cute colour ! I own way too few items in that colour. & that blouse you see is ombre ! I tucked it into the skirt cos it looked so much better, but trust me, it’s all adorable colours from pastel pink to that full purple you see here (oh, & it’s Bonprix). You can also see one of the warmest & fluffiest skirts ever made: it’s wool & lace & silky underskirt ..a real good purchase, from an indie shop, indeed. & my cute little grey cardigan is from La Redoute. Sunglasses – one of my faves, I bought a pair for my best friend too! – from last summer’s collection at Oviesse, & I got the ring at Bijou Brigitte, which is my fave colourful-&-cheap accessories store (tho I never bought anything from their online store).

OOTD8 Isn’t this outfit extremely cool? I thought so! well, it was warm for sure; I generally prefer to wear skirts, but it was so cold lately & I spend most of my day sitting still in front of the computer …damn freezing activities. So I chose to wear pants, or, well … skinny jeans from KIABI! like the black sleeveless sweater on top, while the adorable red shirt underneath is from Decathlon. Comfy-casual-stylish-office, I’d say …what do you think?
Oh, yes, the accessories: owls ring is by Bijou Brigitte, while the other one is a present my aunt gave me ages ago (it also had a matching necklace, but I think I lost it – ooops!).

OOTD9 Blue & red is my fave colour combination ever-ever-ever; it has that British touch I love, it’s classy but informal enough, & it’s simply two of my signature colours. That amazing blazer you see is from Bonprix, & I love it so much that I went & looked for it again …but unluckily the one I got is gone! I found something similar, tho: here’s a striped one, two with a side zip, & a very fashionable purple one.



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