Fashion Forecast – I’m having a doubt

… my existential doubt is: are onesies the next fashion thing ?

Right after I was done getting used to tartan – which, as I told you, didn’t see me as the first of fans …tho I guessed right, it was a big winter trend – do I have to start considering onesies as something to wear outside ? not like I’ve never heard of onesies/one piece pajamas before. On the contrary: I love them! as pajamas, of course; cute & lovely & childish as you wish…yes. I’ve seen many, & I usually want them all (especially this one…OMG).

 But, I mean: would you seriously wear it to go out ? like ” hello, this is my daily outfit, it didn’t take a while to put it together: it’s an onesies! ” erhm. Not convincing, if you want my opinion. Sure, you could wander around the house with it … & I guess you can get out if you really forgot to buy milk or if you need to take your dog for a really quick walk (around the building, not even the block!) – but you have to wear a hoodie on top, or a jacket, or a coat.
Or … I guess I know what our fashion future will be like.



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