What I Wore – brown & bordeaux

Here I am, with yet another outfit post ! it seems like I enjoy it now … well then, why not?
I have to admit that the part I enjoy the most is taking pics of accessories & assembling these “collages” on photoshop … ahah sounds silly, ‘cos it’s a very quick thing to do …but I like it ! anyone here needs some photoshopping (not of you! of outfits & co.!)? I’ll happily do it!

OOTD4 ah, this is the one I took before wearing it … weeeell, I’ve got a little confession to make: I didn’t end up wearing this outfit ! I don’t know why, it’s cute & all this, but … it didn’t match my mood, so to say. I need-need-need to prepare my daily outfits the night before, but sometimes it happens that the morning after they just don’t feel right.
well, whatever! what I could have spent my day in this mini dress by LIST, with a warm shirt underneath (bought at Decathlon for colder days), & beige leggings I got from Calzedonia. & of course, my fave ankle boots!

OOTD5 you’ve seen me wearing this polka dots cardigan already, remember? I should have got it in a size less, ‘cos it doesn’t look perfectly right with dresses …but it looks good with pants, so I guess it’s ok! these brown velvet pants are by La Redoute, & I also have on the most comfortable  beige suede booties ever (only 5 cm heel!).
Just a comfortable outfit, for those days when I don’t want to think too much.

OOTD6 I love bordeaux, burgundy red, & just red in general. I’m just sorry that those rings (possibly, my fave things ever) didn’t come just right in the picture … my Mickey Mouse diamond-white & red ring is amazing ! I got it in the 109 Building in Shibuya, Tokyo. It’s a keeper. Apart from that, I have on Oviesse dress & sunglasses, LIST burgundy red blazer, a this aaaadorable red lipstick by Sephora. & of course, you know my Stradivarius grey suede ankle boots.



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