Products Review – what a beautiful skin .

Wow, is this my first ” products review ” post ? I think it is !
So allow me to explain why I finally decided to write one … 1) cos I truly, madly, deeply believe in the power of trial & practical proof – I mean, products have to stand up to their advertising & fame, & the only way to prove it is to pass the test of everyday life; 2) cos I also believe in the power of sharing info – I don’t need to try all the products, if internet makes possible to share reviews & opinions with others; 3) last & most specific point, cos I’ve been receiving loads of good comments about my skin lately … & that’s why I’m about to review the 3 beauty products that made it possible. Thank you products, I owe you one.


1. Garnier B&B Cream
I usually don’t give much credit to advertising, especially those of beauty products; but I’ve been trying a lot of B&B creams … & I wasn’t satisfied AT ALL. So I thought about giving a shot to this one – which is the first B&B I’ve seen advertised on TV, actually. & voilà, the magic happened! it’s light & soft, stays on for the entire day but it isn’t as strong or heavy as foundation, & it makes your face look all natural. Love love love it.


3. Rimmel Hide the Blemish concealer
My savior for the days of pimples & black circles under my eyes! it comes in a variety of shades, which is a great thing for a concealer. It isn’t heavy, so you won’t look like you’ve been using thick paint instead of make-up, & it’s really long lasting! I spend a long time outside of home everyday, & I can rarely adjust my make-up, so you understand why it is so important to me that it lasts a long time. Moreover, I have greasy-mixed skin, which is awful to “tame” … but I’ve been using Rimmel Concealer since it first came out, & it never ever failed me.


3. L’Oréal Tripla Attiva day cream
Tho it’s a day cream, I put in on after washing my face at night, when I get back home. Well, I can tell you this: my skin has never been so soft & moisturized! I’ve also used it first thing in the morning, so … I guess it’s good at any time!



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