What I Wore – blue/green/teal time.

Soooo .. I’ve been asked to make some outfit posts ! & since I’ve specifically asked, this time I’m actually making a post where I wear my outfits – now you’ll see why I didn’t, in the past. I have such poor lighting in the morning ! & that’s basically the only time of the day when I can take pics – I don’t look as neat & as awake at night, when I come back home ..ahahah, well, that’s another matter. I guess I’ll try some different moments/options in the future.
For now, enjoy these few outfits of mine !

OOTD1 teal is one my fave colours, especially for the winter !
this dress is actually an oversized sweater from KIABI, but it looks sooo much better like this; the pearl ring is handmade, while the peacock one is from a little shop I love in Parco Leonardo mall. & of course, here’s my fave ankle boots ever.

OOTD2 all teal outfit !
I found a cardigan in the exact same shade of teal as the dress ( which is from BONPRIX ), I couldn’t believe it & now I have to wear them together.

OOTD3 blue is always my cup of tea; my signature colour, I’d say.
My mum gave me this jeans chemisier dress, & I paired it with a schoolgirl looking cardigan I got ( & nearly ever wore ) last year;
& my grey ankle boots from STRADIVARIUS complete it all – together with one of my fave scarves ever, that I got in Via Ottaviano last year as well !


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