Things I Liked – a tough week.

I am getting out a pretty tough week … no, wait, erase the “pretty” part: it was just one of the hardest times of my life.
I want to forget, I won’t be able to, but it just how Freddie Mercury used to say: Show Must Go On.

Real Beauty Sketches, a.k.a. You’re better than you think, it’s an advertising campaign that is going around YouTube … & I think it’s deeply touching. Watch it, & then we’ll talk about it – I don’t want to anticipate anything, even tho the subtitle says it all.

this series of encouraging bunnies – I know it looks silly, but some of the quotes in there are really meaningful … not only for me, I think. I’m actually planning to print some of them & stick them in my agenda. Just so I’ll remember …

♥ Mika & his “new” song, Stardust – I’m obsessing over it ! I don’t really like the Italian-English-Chiara version, but I love the song. I’ve been looking for it for a long time, since I heard the new version, but I couldn’t remember the lyrics … so naturally, now that I found it, I’m listening to it sooooo many times.

♥  Christmas ! it has been my fave holiday since I was little (well, obviously) & even tho lately it has “changed” a lot (meaning, I’ve changed, life has changed, etc.) .. I still like it, & I’m trying to get the best out of it. & in my vocabulary, this means: nice (but cheap!) presents for the ones I love; a cute board on Pinterest (ah! I love P., yeeeeah); & of course … a looong amazing post for you (to help you find adorable presents at convenient prices) – stay tuned!



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