Holiday ! presents !

Jingle Bells, Jingle Bells … yes, I can hear you singing !
& I’m sure I can also see you cat-walking … you’ve read my Holiday Looks post, right ?
But the most important thing is that I don’t hear you screaming .. or do I ? How about Christmas presents ?! *aaaaahhhrgh*
ok ok calm down … don’t worry … your affectionate S* is coming to save you: I’ve plenty of all-sorts-of-budget (generally low!) very cute & loving ideas of what you can give to your friends, family, & so on ! but since the topic is so rich & wide, I think I’m only gonna focus on small, sweet, & low budget ideas – if you wish for more advice, you should tell me! I’m your Santa Klaus ! (except that I’d love to receive more than milk & cookies for Christmas ahahah)

presents for .. YOU !
I know, Christmas is all about being altruistic, giving  & full of love; but how can you be good  to other people, if you’re not good to yourself ? & how can you be lovely, when you’re unhappy or unsatisfied ? I’m a big fan of letters to Santa Klaus – which in my vocabulary mean to ask for what you want. You’ll never get what you truly desire, if you’re not brave enough to ask.
In this category you can fit anything; in my personal wishlist folder you can find: ModCloth items, eShakti dresses, at least one amazing clutch (or two), & possibly, a little something nerdy like this Doctor Who (super expensive tho!) bag.

★ presents for .. mom & dad !
( with a couple of ideas for parents in law, too )
As you’ll get to know me, you’ll find out that one of the biggest parts & love of my life is my mom & dad. So it’s no mystery that I really care about their xmas presents.
One very good idea is some beauty items – for that I suggest Yves Rocher: they have all natural beauty products, for both men & women, affordable as well as valuable. I am particularly in love with their new xmas flavours line,  & with their Jardin Du Monde collection. Short on budget, but still want to do something good for them? give them a Special Dinner Coupon ! in other words, offer to prepare a special dinner only for them (& to clean up afterwards!) so that they can enjoy a night of good food & relax. In case you need help, here’s some veeeeery yummy ideas: start with Pasta – you can never be wrong with pasta! but make sure you take the recipe from a real italian website, like Giallozafferano, where the recipes are “real” but also easy to follow & super yummy –  then maybe a Quiche, or Eggs (these ones are cuuuute!) or how about fried Mini Calzoni ? or even a little bit of all three, to taste many different things. & don’t forget the dessert ! you can either do it yourself, or use a cake mix & shape it like a Heart Cake …doesn’t it look absolutely adorable?
Last but not least (perfect for parents in law, too!), you can give them a little something that you will also enjoy: Whittard of Chelsea is my fave tea (but also coffee & chocolate) producer – they have the widest range of flavours, & they also sell online! I used their website already, & I can tell you it’s quite reliable if you’re not in hurry (you have to consider the time it takes for your package to be nicely assembled & delivered from UK). & naturally they have Christmas special offers!

★ presents for .. the love of your life !
This is probably the hardest task of all.. I don’t know whether it is ‘cos my hubby is so complicated & basically has everything, or ‘cos all men are like that. Well, whatever: I still think that a thoughtful present is better than any expensive one … unless of course it’s Playstation games! in that case, you can never go wrong! speaking of which, I hear that BEYOND is the new videogame trend for Playstation, as much as RYSE is for XBOX .. keep it in mind, if you have a videogames freak by your side! & you can also use this hint if you have a nephew or best friend who’s a nerd: perrrfect! oh, & if you’re dealing with a really, really nerdy someone (my type of people!) don’t forget to go check Think Geek – good pricing, the widest possible selection ever – you’ll probably find some great presents there! moving over, & lowering the budget: how about giving your special one …memories, as a present? sometimes they’re better than any jewel or brand or game – & they can’t be bought or replaced; so think about creating a special Memory Jar or Memory Terrarium for your love. Is the love of your life a girl ? OMG, then you absolutely have to give something from MAYLILY – good prices, amazing jewels, not bad as far as the delivery is concerned.

★ presents for .. friends !
I don’t know about you, but my friends are just like family to me; I consider them part of my DNA, so it is so important for me to give them presents … but I may not be able to, considering my economic conditions. Have you ever found yourself in that situation? well, let’s try & un-dramatize the moment, with some positive inspiration: you can always make your presents at home ! do your friends have a sweet tooth? well then, Irish Cream in a pretty bottle & home made Blackberry Jam (or Blackberry Wiskey Jam, even better ahah), packed in a nice elegant box or fancy gift bag. & don’t forget the gift wrap bow !!
Both for girls & boys: very manly or super cute DIY friendship bracelets; or you can tour around your local Sephora shop, ‘cos their gift ideas are always sweeeeet.
Do your friends have kids ? here’s a couple of warm & cozy ideas for their baby: Pillow Case Re-Made & All Purpose Bag (you may need a little bit of extra skills for that, but the result is so adorable …that you can find it on sale at quite a price!).

 ★ presents for .. kids !
( or for young-at-heart friends & relatives )
Set aside the whole Playstation/XBOX world, which we already talked about, let’s see if we can do any good for the youngest of the family as well …trying to get out of the classic toys (Santa Klaus is in charge of that, you know!). Little girls will probably fall in love with an handmade flowery necklace & a shiny crown; or you could buy them Ballerina socks (or Sneakers socks, for a boy)! but even better, how about giving them something they can grow …like a sunflower ? it will last more than the usual games, & surely take more effort & attention. For the cold dark nights, when the youngest of the family feel a bit lonely & scared, they can have a (Heatable) Sheep Plush ! to warm them up & protect them from Boogeyman. All these (& many more) presents are brought to you by I Want One of Those, which I already used as a cute-funny-present-supplier, & I dearly recommend.

Finally, if you want to do some “additional” good, think about giving as a present something that helps the ones in need: Adotta una Pigotta, Christmas for Emergency, Medicins Sans Frontière, Panda Gifts for WWF. Helping others makes a better Christmas for all of us.


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