What I Wore – right before 2014

Hellooo my darlings !
it’s about to strike 2014 … but just before we leave this past year, let me share with you a cozy casual outfit I wore these days …

OOTD so I’m wearing the most adorable & warm Tezenis leggings, a cute ruffled Bonprix sweater, & my fave biker boots. To add a little extra touch, I wore this amazing silk scarf they brought me from India – it’s special, so soft, & look at those colours. & rings, since you know I love them: the flower one is by Bijou Brigitte, & the other one I got in 109 Building in Tokyo. I’m quite an international fashionista today, uh ? I love it !

Have a wonderful, wonderful NYE & an amazing beginning of 2014 !

much love to you,
yours truly,


Things I Liked – open brackets

My super-duper-lovely friends ! Happy everything !
I’m just passing by to wish you the happiest new year, & to share with you a couple of finds I stumbled upon during these last few days …

♥ first & foremost, THE app of the moment: CLUMSY NINJA ! omg, I’m damn in love with this silly little funny thing. In this game, you have to train your little goofy ninja – you can lift it up & tickle him, make it fall or jump on a trampoline or hit a punch-ball … so many things, & every time it’s just sooo silly & funny. Give it a try!
♥ secondly, don’t forget to go & check out my Festivity Un-Obvious board on Pinterest … I keep it continuously updated with ideas & inspiration on decorations, table-setting, & any other thing that I see for all festivities …quite sure you’ll find some good idea for New Year’s Eve, too !
♥ oh and .. in case you’re into DIY decorating, check this cute Paper Snowflakes tutorial – looks so easy !
♥ are you wondering how to look shiny on New Year’s Eve? here, I found some make-up ideas that could be interesting: strong blue & purple; delicate brown smokey; holiday party make-up; or this adorable glittery holiday make-up. Make sure you focus on one element only – eyes, lips, you know how that works. & make sure to shine !!
♥ just one more thing … this is the time when everyone makes new year’s resolutions; I thought about it a lot, cos I usually don’t like to make any – I believe that there’s no point in making promises so long ahead, & if you want to do something, you’ll do it despite the fact that you promised or not. But maybe, for once, I can try & give myself a couple of goals … objective, realistic goals that I can (at least!) try to keep in mind. My New Year’s Resolution is .. to be more gentle; kinder, lighter, more gracefully open to the world. I truly hope I can improve a little on that.
Now, if you want to come with me in this journey … let me start with a gift for you, to help you & support you: this downloadable New Year’s Resolution poster, that you can print & fill & attach wherever you like.


so go get your sequins on, fix your hair & make-up … & don’t forget to smile !
I wish you the most shiny night, & the most amazing 2014 !

What I Wore – standing in line.

While we’re all celebrating and/or recovering from celebrations, let me just drop you a couple of outfits I had in store …
enjoy & have a great time !!
love you all !!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             Teal time + special accessories ! perfect outfit to go out for brunch with one of my best friends – the one that gave me the BFF ring you see above (from Accessorize, which we both love to death). I’m also especially attached to the sea life themed ring & necklace: they’re by Didepux, & I was very satisfied by my purchase (even tho it took ages to get here! so mad at Greek-Italian mail service!) … I love sea horses with all my heart, & I get compliments everywhere I go cos this set is so cute & original. I’m also very much in love with my Stradivarius teal clutch, & I’ll tell you why: I went out one day with my mom, looking for a teal clutch & knowing I wouldn’t probably find it … firstly because teal wasn’t so in style back then, & second because for as much as I love clutches (& I do, I never stand half way: either super small, or super big purses) I’m very picky with them. So I was explaining all this to my mom while walking into Stradivarius … I turn around … & voila! there she was! my mom still thinks she has a sort of magical power to make things appear out of nowhere, since then. It’s been love at first sight, & it kept going on ever since. Sorry for the long story, but it had to be told.

OOTD11 Black is always a good choice, when you don’t want to put much effort into an outfit but still look nice … I personally think the result was pretty good on this one. My fave blazer from LIST completes the look, while the shirt from Decathlon keeps me warm, & Buffalo wedges sneakers (similar ones on Zalando) do the same with my feet! both my rings are handmade, & adorable.

OOTD12 Hello, my favourite everything! I kept this one for last, cos I feel so great in it; so much so that I’m thinking about keep it aside & wearing the exact same outfit again & again (& I don’t usually do it, if I can avoid). The black & grey dress is from Bonprix, &  it is extremely comfy, flattering, & great even in its simplicity: it has little ruffles at the bottom, & a wool full collar & sleeves that make it warm enough but not heavy. Both rings are handmade & super lovely, just like my new grey & black tights.

Special Edition – New Year’s Eve

Helloooo my unwrapped xmas presents!!
How was your Christmas ? did you rock your Christmas outfit out ? I’m sure you did !
now it’s about time … to start thinking about New Year’s Eve outfit ! you didn’t think you get through with it, did ya? ahahah …
First of all, as usual, we’ll have to think through the different options you have: what are your plans for New Year’s Eve ? I thought about a couple of different ideas – but, as usual, you can count on me if you have any specific question/request !
( & don’t forget to take a look at the Night section, on Tumblr …for plenty of inspiration!)


1. real epic New Year’s party
Now, this may look like a 30s dress (& in fact it is) … but look how it shines ! you can pair it with black pumps & a more modern hairdo, & all you see it will be glitter-glitter galore. Great idea for a party, cos you don’t want to disappear among all other guests ..right?! sure you don’t! that’s why my advice is: SHINE ! use black as a base, & add as much gold or silver as you want … cos you are a star, & so you should look. & apart from that … it’s New Year’s Eve & you’re out to parteyyyy !

2. New Year’s holiday, celebrating on the street.
I’ve been there, done that mate! it’s great fun, if you’re with the right people … & not freezing your *you-know-what* off! so we’ll try to think of something warm, but still awesome … uhmmmm yeah, I think I have just what we need …pants, pants (or leggings!) is what we need; comfy so you can walk around, warm so you won’t be frozen by 00:30 & asking to get back to the hotel; but still, we need a (lot) little sparkle, somewhere! so … SEQUINS, my girls, that’s what you should be looking for !

 3. Home party – adorable, but not so craaaazy.
& voilà: my option for this year. Yes, my champagne sparkles … this year, I’m celebrating with my family. But whether you have a ton of friends around your house, or your family, it doesn’t matter: your outfit should be shiny, but not over the top … in other words: RELAX ! pick your fave things from your wardrobe, add a little something extra (one-of-a-kind shoes, feathers on your head, glitters all over) & you’re ready to laugh & be silly & have fun til morning!
PS. the one I’m about to show you is going to be (more or less) my own outfit for New Year’s night … make sure you won’t tell anyone, uh? it’ll be our little secret until the 31st !! 😉

that is all, my lovely followers – I truly hope you have fantabulous holidays, a great New Year’s Eve party … & of course, an amazing 2014 !
spend a thought about me at midnight, have tons of fun … & I’m surely seeing you soon !!

What I Wore – it’s soooo cold.

Haaaaaaaappy Xmas everyone !!
I know you’re all busy planning & getting ready & all, but I just passed by to wish you all the best for these holidays & share with you some outfits of these past days … I’ll probably be away celebrating for a little while, so I’ll leave a queue of outfits to keep you company & … I’ll see you after holidays !
Be good, have all the yummy food you feel like, don’t think too much: in other words H A V E  F U N !

OOTD7lavender is such a cute colour ! I own way too few items in that colour. & that blouse you see is ombre ! I tucked it into the skirt cos it looked so much better, but trust me, it’s all adorable colours from pastel pink to that full purple you see here (oh, & it’s Bonprix). You can also see one of the warmest & fluffiest skirts ever made: it’s wool & lace & silky underskirt ..a real good purchase, from an indie shop, indeed. & my cute little grey cardigan is from La Redoute. Sunglasses – one of my faves, I bought a pair for my best friend too! – from last summer’s collection at Oviesse, & I got the ring at Bijou Brigitte, which is my fave colourful-&-cheap accessories store (tho I never bought anything from their online store).

OOTD8 Isn’t this outfit extremely cool? I thought so! well, it was warm for sure; I generally prefer to wear skirts, but it was so cold lately & I spend most of my day sitting still in front of the computer …damn freezing activities. So I chose to wear pants, or, well … skinny jeans from KIABI! like the black sleeveless sweater on top, while the adorable red shirt underneath is from Decathlon. Comfy-casual-stylish-office, I’d say …what do you think?
Oh, yes, the accessories: owls ring is by Bijou Brigitte, while the other one is a present my aunt gave me ages ago (it also had a matching necklace, but I think I lost it – ooops!).

OOTD9 Blue & red is my fave colour combination ever-ever-ever; it has that British touch I love, it’s classy but informal enough, & it’s simply two of my signature colours. That amazing blazer you see is from Bonprix, & I love it so much that I went & looked for it again …but unluckily the one I got is gone! I found something similar, tho: here’s a striped one, two with a side zip, & a very fashionable purple one.

Things I Liked – IT IS Christmas, after all !

OOOh yes, my friends: Christmas is definitely here now ! it’s only a handful of days ahead .. are you ready ?
let’s have a cute-quick checklist:
presents ♥ check !
decorations ♥ check !
outfit ♥ check !
all right then … let’s dive into some little silly things that happened this past week, so we can then start dancing on tables & eating like crazy & celebrating this sparkling holiday til we drop on the floor laughing (sounds like a good plan, uh?) !

♥ first of all, can I tell you how happy I am that my first Fashion Forecast revealed itself to be incredibly true ? omg, my darlings –  statement necklaces are a big hit at the moment, & this article on Best Friends for Frosting (such an interesting website) confirms it! thank you, thank you, it was a pleasure to be your fortune teller for the season.

♥ second moment of delight, from the same website: I love scarves & I basically live for/with/in them during winter … so an article about Stylish Scarves is exactly my cup of tea! & please, check the first one: to die for!


Fashion Forecast – I’m having a doubt

… my existential doubt is: are onesies the next fashion thing ?

Right after I was done getting used to tartan – which, as I told you, didn’t see me as the first of fans …tho I guessed right, it was a big winter trend – do I have to start considering onesies as something to wear outside ? not like I’ve never heard of onesies/one piece pajamas before. On the contrary: I love them! as pajamas, of course; cute & lovely & childish as you wish…yes. I’ve seen many, & I usually want them all (especially this one…OMG).

 But, I mean: would you seriously wear it to go out ? like ” hello, this is my daily outfit ..no, it didn’t take a while to put it together: it’s an onesies! ” erhm. Not convincing, if you want my opinion. Sure, you could wander around the house with it … & I guess you can get out if you really forgot to buy milk or if you need to take your dog for a really quick walk (around the building, not even the block!) – but you have to wear a hoodie on top, or a jacket, or a coat.
Or … I guess I know what our fashion future will be like.