Things I Liked – except the fact that I’m sick

Ehw, I hate being sick – but since cold season has arrived, with rain & raging wind like we’re in Wuthering Heights … well, of course: I catched a cold. & sore throat. Ehw.
But hey, no biggie ! I’m still here, trying not too look as bad as I feel ..ahah.
Wanna know what I was totally into this week ? let’s go check it out.

♥  Rachel Zoe Project – OMG, I’m so into it ! I watch episodes every time I can, & I absolutely love her style ! even tho she only styles skinny people. Hey Rache, wanna try something new? I’m here! I can’t take my eyes off her jewelry, most of all. Wow, so stunning & bold !

 ♥ being this cold, & being sick myself, what I’ve loved very much this week is … soups. I know, sounds a little like an old granny, uh ? but still – there’s nothing better than a hot soup for dinner, when outside it’s pouring & damn cold ! & since I’m all but selfish, let me share some old good recipes with you – in case you wanna join the I’m Sick & Tired & I need Cuddles Party ! here are my faves: Mushroom Soup, Spinach Soup, & Sweet Veggies Soup ! yummy ! I feel better already.

♥  I feel like I need-need-need to show you one of my most recent discoveries, blog-wise: Kathastrophal ! she’s pretty & absolutely stylish, & just … cute ! my new blog crush, here, I said it.

 ♥ Robyn Lawley is a plus size model & she went on Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about her work & her perspective on modeling: & I loved it. I love Ellen Degeneres, I think she’s bright, smart, incredibly funny & whatever other good adjective you can think of; & the fact that she invited a so-called plus size model (well, she’s a size 12 …not actually a plus size! but she’s tall & curvy, so that’s what they call her) to talk about this “parallel” world … makes me think even better of her. I personally believe that’s ridiculous, to have two different “fashion worlds” (which include different brands, stylists, models, followers, etc.) & that designers limit themselves in creating clothes up to a certain size – which usually is a size .. 4? I don’t even know how small a model’s size can be. But I truly, deeply hope that the fashion world will more & more notice that people have so many different sizes, & that all of them have the right to wear the same clothes if they want to. Plus Size isn’t an insult, ok ?



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