Holiday ! celebrate !

.. yes, but: whatcha gonna wear ?
ah-ah, gotcha ! I know, I never know what to wear either, during the holidays. You know that feeling like you have to wear something nice, & you want to be elegant, but you’re scared to be overdressed ? I know that. So I thought I’ll put together some options, a little bit in advance, so we can decide in time & maybe do some holiday shopping before it’s too crowded.

Option 1 ★ Christmas dinner at my in-laws ! ( & they’re really cool people )

 Black, gold & sequins ( SimplyBe ) dress: to be sure you’ll shine like the star on top of the Christmas tree ! good choice, if you want to be elegant (wear black, heavy tights to lower it all down a little) & be the little something extra of the party.

Option 2 ★ Christmas party at work; yes, I’ll be elegant, but don’t make me do too much effort.

 Lovely, tunic-like dress; this is beige, but I would advise a darker colour for a xmas party: black, dark red, dark green, blue …something that makes you think about starried night and mistletoe. Golden accessories will add a certain special attitude to the whole outfit.

Option 3 ★ Christmas with your family … when you still want to look great, but you may have your little nephews around.

 SimplyBe outfit again, but this time a pair of terrific, printed, baroque pants. Awesome: not too formal, yet incredibly classy. For xmas, I’d stay away from the studded blazer: better keep it for some other occasion.

Option 4 ★ naah, I’m a jeans girl – a.k.a. I want to look cute but there’s no way I’m gonna dress uncomfy.

 I know that some of you may have no particular plans for Christmas holidays …or maybe, you just don’t feel the need to dress up. I think we can give a chance to diamonds & a touch of lace anyways, right ? simply not to look like we’re just out for groceries. Heels, flats ? any would do, depends on what your plans are. Make sure you wear something warm & fuzzy if you leave the house ! you’ll look amazing, no matter what.

So I guess we reviewed more or less any option I could think of – otherwise, make sure you leave a comment & we’ll see together how to put together an outfit for your specific plans !


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