Things I liked – while it’s cold outside .

Yep ! cold has finally come, in Rome – well, it was about time !
leaves are falling & dancing in the storm, there’s plenty of puddles where I can fall (with my winter shoes, tho!), & I don’t have to worry about sweating in whatever I decide to wear. Nice.

What else is so good, around here? let me show you!

♥  this article is a little old, but I found it again & wanted to share with you: how about taking a Digital Sabbatical ? meaning, a period of time without any digital device – would you be able to do it ? for how long ? & what would you do ? the article gives quite a variety of activities …most of them are truly quite fun!

♥  this gif is hilarious & amazing at the same time ! let’s all be P.H.A.T. together !

♥ also, I’m on BeauCoo now ! I have been interested for a while now, hearing all these comments around the web – so I finally decided to join the Body Positive fashion community ! who else is in ? let’s add each others & have fun !

Immagine♥  I like myself more on social media than on real life … this is a very interesting article, & a quite strong & scary admission. This is something that has a lot to do with social anxiety, surely, & having to face directly problems & people – these two are the main issues that we have to deal with in modern life. We had no choice, back when we didn’t have mobiles or facebook or smartphones: you had to go out & do it, talk about it, or hide in a forest without answering real-paper letters (yep, hiding was so much easier back then, too! until someone came knock at your door, obviously). So, what I’m asking is … do you feel more comfortable, behind your computer screen?

♥  just to change radically the subject, & end this post with a crazy funny obsession of mine: Ellen DeGeneres youtube channel ! omg, can she be more hilarious ? living in Italy, I don’t get the chance to watch her show, so I thank heaven that she uploads so much material on youtube ! I basically live there, lately. I love Ellen DeGeneres: I love her sense of humour, her funny sweet face, her style, her attitude … her wife, too, ahah – I think Portia De Rossi is one of the prettiest women on Earth: she would be my model, if I wasn’t a lot shorter & fatter & darker than she is *lol*.

well, everyone …
have a great weekend & take care !



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