Things I liked – sweet November !

How can it possibly be November ? I’m going around with short-sleeved TShirts on, & my fave coat is still in the wardrobe ! this bothers me a lot; I can’t wait for the cold to come. The only thing that I like about this weather, is that I can rock some middle-season outfits, which I usually forget about … but whatever ! Winter is gonna come, some day ! In the meantime …what was good about this last period ?

♥ one of my fave websites, La Libreria Immaginaria (of which I am also a contributor) is about to come back with a brand new start, new graphics & new …news!  I love them, the people & the style of the websites – books, books, movies, & more books ! oh yeah, & they also have super-duper-fresh Pinterest …so you should check it out !

 ♥ Plus Size Art ! I think it’s wonderful that so many talented people enjoy portraying curvy women … so much so, that I keep a section of my TUMBLR all dedicated to it … & you can find some really juicy inspiration there. Makes me feel real good.
♥ Everyday since a couple of months I’ve waking up early in the morning to pack lunch for me & my family; you can understand why I am very interested in sandwich recipes … & that’s how I stepped into this adorable website: Cinque Cose Belle. Of many, many subjects we could be discussing about, they’ll give you 5 things you should start with, or 5 of the most interesting, or 5 you could never ever miss … books, quotes, sandwiches (!), movie scenes, basically anything. Adorable !

THIS gif is so full of truth, it almost hurt me. Have you ever stopped & thought about the people you love ? & how many times that thinking included…you ? I never even thought about it, but let me tell you something (a quote from Gala Darling, f.i.y.): ” loving yourself means treating yourself the way you would treat your very best, most treasured friend… “. How many times can I sincerely say this is true, for me ? I’m telling you a secret: never. This is what I should be working on.

♥ talking about quotes, here’s one I truly love, & makes me smile a lot:


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