What I Wore – fave of the week

Yesss ladies … I picked two of my fave outfits of the week – I haven’t been that inspired, I think. I’m really tired, that’s the thing …you know how it feels, right ? nothing looks good in your wardrobe, you really just wanna slip into your pajama & a pair of fuzzy socks. Yeah.
But we ain’t gonna be defeated by these ugly feelings ! No !
& here’s the proof ..!

foto 1 ( shirt – KIABI | skirt – La Redoute | shoes – Bonprix )

I am desperate ! for the shoes – they’re breaking apart, I’ve had them for years & wore them pretty much continuously since then; they’re the most comfortable shoes ever, the heels in only about 7 cm, & the T-bar style suits me perfectly … comfy & retro enough to make me love these shoes unconditionally ! but now they’re about to die …I seriously need to find new ones, but I want them exactly like these (I know, mission impossible). I found a couple of pairs I like … like these ones, by La Redoute (a brand that I love, even tho their prices aren’t always good for me); these ones by ModCloth are really really cute too ! or, if I go completely crazy & have some money, I could buy Bloxy by Irregular Choice … cute, fashionable, & comfortable at the same time.

foto 2 ( dress – I have no idea. seriously. | cardigan – Bonprix | necklace – thrifted )

I think you know by now … I love polka dots. Can’t hide! this pink cardi was a love at first sight purchase ! Oh, and yeah, about the dress: I’ve had it for such a long time, that I don’t even remember buying it …when, where, how … I don’t know. It just inhabits my closet now & forever; it stays there, & sometimes looks at me like ” ehy, d’you wanna go out? ” & I’m like ” sure, let me think of something I can do with you. ” & here we go. I know, I’m weird. Nothing new. Uh, I ended up wearing grey stockings & my ankle boots, which you’ve already seen here (2nd picture!).


3 pensieri su “What I Wore – fave of the week

    • ho scoperto KIABI da poco, e me ne sono innamorata (per quel che riguarda la maglietta che ti piace!); sì, ho trovato qualcosina, riguardo le scarpe ..ma al momento non posso spendere é__è comunque grazie come sempre dell’attenzione ! smuack !

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