Rain, Rain, Go Away … a.k.a. How To Survive To Bad Mood.

I have read plenty of articles about positivity, & how to be the happiest possible ever. Yes. Here’s one of the most recent examples, on The Huffington Post, just so you know what I’m talking about.
Those articles are pretty fine …when you’re in the right mood! how about when you’re in the worst mood ever, & you need positive thinking the most ? well, I don’t know about you, but I HATE reading those articles. So …

That’s what I thought: why not making a good post, with only the suggestion that really work when you’re in a shitty mood ?
that sounds like fun ! & it also sounds like something I would read when I’m really pissed off, so, even if you don’t like it, I’m writing it anyways – it’ll be useful to me at least !

 1 . Allow yourself to be mad. 
I know, it’s stupid as it sounds …but most of the times I try to suppress the fact that I’m mad or disappointed or frustrated – & the result is that I only feel worst. So YEAH ! reject invitations, stop talking to people, turn the music volume up, scream, cry. Anything, really, as long as you express your anger.

2. Surround yourself with inspiration.
In order to be inspired, you need to dive into things that inspire you. I can’t really help you with that, ‘cause everyone has its own positive cloud …I like inspirational words, music, & generally I use Pinterest a lot – it fulfills my need to find every time what’s useful in that exact moment,  would that be cute images (good for sad moments), fantasy atmospheres (if I’m in the mood for writing or dreaming), fashion inspiration, etc. In general, I can tell I like pictures & music – they really help in freeing my mind.

3. Smile, & enjoy the little things.
When I’m really trying to be strong, this is one thing that always works: focusing on good, little things. It only works if you take in consideration small small details, I’m telling you: but it really is effective! Is the weather good, at least ? or do your hair or eye make-up look nice ? or are you wearing a pair of cute shoes ? Anything would work. For example: this morning, I waited 30 minutes for the bus, & the weather was pretty awful, & I was tired – BUT I met a couple of nice ladies at the bus stop, & we talked a little; it didn’t rain, so it was ok; I met a stray dog, & I gave him something to eat, & he was so happy & sweet. See ? I didn’t solve any of my problems, really, but at least I’m not wondering around crying.

4. Spend time with relaxing people/with yourself.
I don’t know about you, but I have some friends with whom I can stay & stop thinking. They won’t ask many questions, they won’t engage me in deep conversation, some of them would even stay silent & just watch TV with me until we all fall asleep. I like that, when I’m stressed out & sad (not when I’m mad, in that case, I’d rather be alone!). Otherwise, try to find some time to be completely alone – with music, TV shows, writing, tea, whatever – & enjoy it. Or sleep; I hear sleeping is good, but in my case, it’s really hard so …I don’t generally benefit a lot from it, I’d rather lie & daydream while music plays …

5. Try to find an activity that frees your mind.
Some people clean up the whole house; some go running, or to the gym; some others go for long walks in a park; or you can cook, or knit (I like this), or paint, or … I don’t know. The point is: DO SOMETHING! don’t roll yourself into blankets & wait til September ends … it won’t! For example, how about meditation ? it’s good, & you can do it from home, with an App; I use Take A Break app & I really like it, but I heard that Health Through Breath is good too, & also Serendipitor sounds interesting.

 Hope this would be a little useful … as always, I can’t wait to get suggestions from you !
Keep Calm & Shine … or at least try your best !




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