Things I Liked – except the fact that I’m sick

Ehw, I hate being sick – but since cold season has arrived, with rain & raging wind like we’re in Wuthering Heights … well, of course: I catched a cold. & sore throat. Ehw.
But hey, no biggie ! I’m still here, trying not too look as bad as I feel ..ahah.
Wanna know what I was totally into this week ? let’s go check it out.

♥  Rachel Zoe Project – OMG, I’m so into it ! I watch episodes every time I can, & I absolutely love her style ! even tho she only styles skinny people. Hey Rache, wanna try something new? I’m here! I can’t take my eyes off her jewelry, most of all. Wow, so stunning & bold !

 ♥ being this cold, & being sick myself, what I’ve loved very much this week is … soups. I know, sounds a little like an old granny, uh ? but still – there’s nothing better than a hot soup for dinner, when outside it’s pouring & damn cold ! & since I’m all but selfish, let me share some old good recipes with you – in case you wanna join the I’m Sick & Tired & I need Cuddles Party ! here are my faves: Mushroom Soup, Spinach Soup, & Sweet Veggies Soup ! yummy ! I feel better already.

♥  I feel like I need-need-need to show you one of my most recent discoveries, blog-wise: Kathastrophal ! she’s pretty & absolutely stylish, & just … cute ! my new blog crush, here, I said it.

 ♥ Robyn Lawley is a plus size model & she went on Ellen Degeneres Show to talk about her work & her perspective on modeling: & I loved it. I love Ellen Degeneres, I think she’s bright, smart, incredibly funny & whatever other good adjective you can think of; & the fact that she invited a so-called plus size model (well, she’s a size 12 …not actually a plus size! but she’s tall & curvy, so that’s what they call her) to talk about this “parallel” world … makes me think even better of her. I personally believe that’s ridiculous, to have two different “fashion worlds” (which include different brands, stylists, models, followers, etc.) & that designers limit themselves in creating clothes up to a certain size – which usually is a size .. 4? I don’t even know how small a model’s size can be. But I truly, deeply hope that the fashion world will more & more notice that people have so many different sizes, & that all of them have the right to wear the same clothes if they want to. Plus Size isn’t an insult, ok ?


Holiday ! celebrate !

.. yes, but: whatcha gonna wear ?
ah-ah, gotcha ! I know, I never know what to wear either, during the holidays. You know that feeling like you have to wear something nice, & you want to be elegant, but you’re scared to be overdressed ? I know that. So I thought I’ll put together some options, a little bit in advance, so we can decide in time & maybe do some holiday shopping before it’s too crowded.

Option 1 ★ Christmas dinner at my in-laws ! ( & they’re really cool people )

 Black, gold & sequins ( SimplyBe ) dress: to be sure you’ll shine like the star on top of the Christmas tree ! good choice, if you want to be elegant (wear black, heavy tights to lower it all down a little) & be the little something extra of the party.

Option 2 ★ Christmas party at work; yes, I’ll be elegant, but don’t make me do too much effort.

 Lovely, tunic-like dress; this is beige, but I would advise a darker colour for a xmas party: black, dark red, dark green, blue …something that makes you think about starried night and mistletoe. Golden accessories will add a certain special attitude to the whole outfit.

Option 3 ★ Christmas with your family … when you still want to look great, but you may have your little nephews around.

 SimplyBe outfit again, but this time a pair of terrific, printed, baroque pants. Awesome: not too formal, yet incredibly classy. For xmas, I’d stay away from the studded blazer: better keep it for some other occasion.

Option 4 ★ naah, I’m a jeans girl – a.k.a. I want to look cute but there’s no way I’m gonna dress uncomfy.

 I know that some of you may have no particular plans for Christmas holidays …or maybe, you just don’t feel the need to dress up. I think we can give a chance to diamonds & a touch of lace anyways, right ? simply not to look like we’re just out for groceries. Heels, flats ? any would do, depends on what your plans are. Make sure you wear something warm & fuzzy if you leave the house ! you’ll look amazing, no matter what.

So I guess we reviewed more or less any option I could think of – otherwise, make sure you leave a comment & we’ll see together how to put together an outfit for your specific plans !

Things I liked – while it’s cold outside .

Yep ! cold has finally come, in Rome – well, it was about time !
leaves are falling & dancing in the storm, there’s plenty of puddles where I can fall (with my winter shoes, tho!), & I don’t have to worry about sweating in whatever I decide to wear. Nice.

What else is so good, around here? let me show you!

♥  this article is a little old, but I found it again & wanted to share with you: how about taking a Digital Sabbatical ? meaning, a period of time without any digital device – would you be able to do it ? for how long ? & what would you do ? the article gives quite a variety of activities …most of them are truly quite fun!

♥  this gif is hilarious & amazing at the same time ! let’s all be P.H.A.T. together !

♥ also, I’m on BeauCoo now ! I have been interested for a while now, hearing all these comments around the web – so I finally decided to join the Body Positive fashion community ! who else is in ? let’s add each others & have fun !

Immagine♥  I like myself more on social media than on real life … this is a very interesting article, & a quite strong & scary admission. This is something that has a lot to do with social anxiety, surely, & having to face directly problems & people – these two are the main issues that we have to deal with in modern life. We had no choice, back when we didn’t have mobiles or facebook or smartphones: you had to go out & do it, talk about it, or hide in a forest without answering real-paper letters (yep, hiding was so much easier back then, too! until someone came knock at your door, obviously). So, what I’m asking is … do you feel more comfortable, behind your computer screen?

♥  just to change radically the subject, & end this post with a crazy funny obsession of mine: Ellen DeGeneres youtube channel ! omg, can she be more hilarious ? living in Italy, I don’t get the chance to watch her show, so I thank heaven that she uploads so much material on youtube ! I basically live there, lately. I love Ellen DeGeneres: I love her sense of humour, her funny sweet face, her style, her attitude … her wife, too, ahah – I think Portia De Rossi is one of the prettiest women on Earth: she would be my model, if I wasn’t a lot shorter & fatter & darker than she is *lol*.

well, everyone …
have a great weekend & take care !

Things I liked – sweet November !

How can it possibly be November ? I’m going around with short-sleeved TShirts on, & my fave coat is still in the wardrobe ! this bothers me a lot; I can’t wait for the cold to come. The only thing that I like about this weather, is that I can rock some middle-season outfits, which I usually forget about … but whatever ! Winter is gonna come, some day ! In the meantime …what was good about this last period ?

♥ one of my fave websites, La Libreria Immaginaria (of which I am also a contributor) is about to come back with a brand new start, new graphics & new …news!  I love them, the people & the style of the websites – books, books, movies, & more books ! oh yeah, & they also have super-duper-fresh Pinterest …so you should check it out !

 ♥ Plus Size Art ! I think it’s wonderful that so many talented people enjoy portraying curvy women … so much so, that I keep a section of my TUMBLR all dedicated to it … & you can find some really juicy inspiration there. Makes me feel real good.
♥ Everyday since a couple of months I’ve waking up early in the morning to pack lunch for me & my family; you can understand why I am very interested in sandwich recipes … & that’s how I stepped into this adorable website: Cinque Cose Belle. Of many, many subjects we could be discussing about, they’ll give you 5 things you should start with, or 5 of the most interesting, or 5 you could never ever miss … books, quotes, sandwiches (!), movie scenes, basically anything. Adorable !

THIS gif is so full of truth, it almost hurt me. Have you ever stopped & thought about the people you love ? & how many times that thinking included…you ? I never even thought about it, but let me tell you something (a quote from Gala Darling, f.i.y.): ” loving yourself means treating yourself the way you would treat your very best, most treasured friend… “. How many times can I sincerely say this is true, for me ? I’m telling you a secret: never. This is what I should be working on.

♥ talking about quotes, here’s one I truly love, & makes me smile a lot:

What I Wore – fave of the week

Yesss ladies … I picked two of my fave outfits of the week – I haven’t been that inspired, I think. I’m really tired, that’s the thing …you know how it feels, right ? nothing looks good in your wardrobe, you really just wanna slip into your pajama & a pair of fuzzy socks. Yeah.
But we ain’t gonna be defeated by these ugly feelings ! No !
& here’s the proof ..!

foto 1 ( shirt – KIABI | skirt – La Redoute | shoes – Bonprix )

I am desperate ! for the shoes – they’re breaking apart, I’ve had them for years & wore them pretty much continuously since then; they’re the most comfortable shoes ever, the heels in only about 7 cm, & the T-bar style suits me perfectly … comfy & retro enough to make me love these shoes unconditionally ! but now they’re about to die …I seriously need to find new ones, but I want them exactly like these (I know, mission impossible). I found a couple of pairs I like … like these ones, by La Redoute (a brand that I love, even tho their prices aren’t always good for me); these ones by ModCloth are really really cute too ! or, if I go completely crazy & have some money, I could buy Bloxy by Irregular Choice … cute, fashionable, & comfortable at the same time.

foto 2 ( dress – I have no idea. seriously. | cardigan – Bonprix | necklace – thrifted )

I think you know by now … I love polka dots. Can’t hide! this pink cardi was a love at first sight purchase ! Oh, and yeah, about the dress: I’ve had it for such a long time, that I don’t even remember buying it …when, where, how … I don’t know. It just inhabits my closet now & forever; it stays there, & sometimes looks at me like ” ehy, d’you wanna go out? ” & I’m like ” sure, let me think of something I can do with you. ” & here we go. I know, I’m weird. Nothing new. Uh, I ended up wearing grey stockings & my ankle boots, which you’ve already seen here (2nd picture!).

Rain, Rain, Go Away … a.k.a. How To Survive To Bad Mood.

I have read plenty of articles about positivity, & how to be the happiest possible ever. Yes. Here’s one of the most recent examples, on The Huffington Post, just so you know what I’m talking about.
Those articles are pretty fine …when you’re in the right mood! how about when you’re in the worst mood ever, & you need positive thinking the most ? well, I don’t know about you, but I HATE reading those articles. So …

That’s what I thought: why not making a good post, with only the suggestion that really work when you’re in a shitty mood ?
that sounds like fun ! & it also sounds like something I would read when I’m really pissed off, so, even if you don’t like it, I’m writing it anyways – it’ll be useful to me at least !

 1 . Allow yourself to be mad. 
I know, it’s stupid as it sounds …but most of the times I try to suppress the fact that I’m mad or disappointed or frustrated – & the result is that I only feel worst. So YEAH ! reject invitations, stop talking to people, turn the music volume up, scream, cry. Anything, really, as long as you express your anger.

2. Surround yourself with inspiration.
In order to be inspired, you need to dive into things that inspire you. I can’t really help you with that, ‘cause everyone has its own positive cloud …I like inspirational words, music, & generally I use Pinterest a lot – it fulfills my need to find every time what’s useful in that exact moment,  would that be cute images (good for sad moments), fantasy atmospheres (if I’m in the mood for writing or dreaming), fashion inspiration, etc. In general, I can tell I like pictures & music – they really help in freeing my mind.

3. Smile, & enjoy the little things.
When I’m really trying to be strong, this is one thing that always works: focusing on good, little things. It only works if you take in consideration small small details, I’m telling you: but it really is effective! Is the weather good, at least ? or do your hair or eye make-up look nice ? or are you wearing a pair of cute shoes ? Anything would work. For example: this morning, I waited 30 minutes for the bus, & the weather was pretty awful, & I was tired – BUT I met a couple of nice ladies at the bus stop, & we talked a little; it didn’t rain, so it was ok; I met a stray dog, & I gave him something to eat, & he was so happy & sweet. See ? I didn’t solve any of my problems, really, but at least I’m not wondering around crying.

4. Spend time with relaxing people/with yourself.
I don’t know about you, but I have some friends with whom I can stay & stop thinking. They won’t ask many questions, they won’t engage me in deep conversation, some of them would even stay silent & just watch TV with me until we all fall asleep. I like that, when I’m stressed out & sad (not when I’m mad, in that case, I’d rather be alone!). Otherwise, try to find some time to be completely alone – with music, TV shows, writing, tea, whatever – & enjoy it. Or sleep; I hear sleeping is good, but in my case, it’s really hard so …I don’t generally benefit a lot from it, I’d rather lie & daydream while music plays …

5. Try to find an activity that frees your mind.
Some people clean up the whole house; some go running, or to the gym; some others go for long walks in a park; or you can cook, or knit (I like this), or paint, or … I don’t know. The point is: DO SOMETHING! don’t roll yourself into blankets & wait til September ends … it won’t! For example, how about meditation ? it’s good, & you can do it from home, with an App; I use Take A Break app & I really like it, but I heard that Health Through Breath is good too, & also Serendipitor sounds interesting.

 Hope this would be a little useful … as always, I can’t wait to get suggestions from you !
Keep Calm & Shine … or at least try your best !