C’est la Vie & that’s What I Wore

Yessss-ah, babes. I haven’t done any outfit post yet, & that seems pretty strange for a blog mainly about fashion.
So I’ve been thinking about it, & I ended up deciding that YEAH, I’d do outfit posts !
I want to start with 3 outfits, my favourites of this week; let’s take a look !

monday can you see it ? is it too dark ? I’ll try to make something better for next time, but in the meantime you’ll have to be patient: I prepare my outfits at night, & my bedroom isn’t very illuminated.
( long skirt/used as dress: Bonprix | cardigan: La Redoute | shoes: Kiabi | necklaces: gift + thrift | belt: thrift )

tuesday this sweater is adorable, my mum gave it to me; I wasn’t super excited at first, cause it’s white & a weird lenght, but then I was tooootally satisfied.
( sweater: KIABI | skirt: thrift | boots: Stradivarius | bangles: thrift & handmade by me! )

thursday I absolutely love this dress ! it’s comfy, warm-but-not-too-much (perfect for the season!) & they have it in different colors. It’s a keeper !
( dress: Bonprix | necklace: present | boots: no brand, I got them at little store by my house )

There you go ! now you’ve seen a little bit more of me …
what do you think about it ?
please be kind, ahah



3 pensieri su “C’est la Vie & that’s What I Wore

    • grazie bellezza !
      ho qualche problema ” logistico ” nel fotografarmi con gli outfit addosso …vedi, poca luce al mattino quando mi preparo, ed altri ..ma anche così un pochino rendono ? o no ?

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