That Which We Call PLUS SIZE

Hello everyone !
I just stepped into a very interesting little article, on BeauCoo blog: they’re tallking about curvy, plus size &/or full-figured women.
In case you don’t feel like reading it, here’s a super short summary: looks like some clothing brands have made a survey on fat women, & the result is that the majority of those women prefer to be called curvy; plus size comes second, along with full-figured.
Yeah, thanks. So?!

I’ve never understood this pressure on fat terms (can I call them so? please, let me). What’s the matter ? or better .. is this SERIOUSLY the REAL matter ? I sincerely don’t think so.
I’m a plus size – it simply means that I wear a size that’s bigger (a.k.a. plus!) than the common 14-16 that in many shops is carried as the biggest size.
I’m curvy – yes, definately: I am a woman, first of all, therefore I have curves. & indeed I am a woman who wears a 5 as bra size (I think it’s a 40, for UK/US), so yeah … I do have curves.
I’m full-figured – of course I am; I could probably be called a very-full-figured woman, ahah, since I’m apple shaped !
What else ? I am fat, I am big, I’m chubby, yeah. Which one of these words do you find offensive ? no one, in my opinion, but it depends a lot on the way you use them – that’s true for everything in life, tho.

What I do find offensive instead, it’s the fact that clothing brands think that words are the problem. While the real issues here are others …do you wanna know just a couple ? here, have as many as you like !

  • separated areas in department stores for ” normal ” sized clothes & ” plus sized ” clothes;
  • different styles/prints under or above a certain size – why?!
  • different prices – this makes me go nuts: don’t even try to tell me that you use more fabric, cause in an economy of scale this has no sense at all;
  • side brands for plus sizes – like, ASOS Curves or Forever21+ or so … I love these brands, but why don’t you simply make clothes in all sizes? & moreover, some brands simply DO NOT CARRY 14+ sizes, which is ridiculous.
  • advertising ! this is a topic almost too wide to include it in here, but it’s true: why do brands & magazines go around pretending to support ” normal ” women while they only offer images of extremely skinny models, dressed like Anna Wintour & with the same facial expression ? please.

& let me say it again … please. Fat isn’t a synonym of stupid: it’s the opposite, probably.


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