Fashion Forecast – TARTAN, autumn loves ye.

Someone used to say – Brace yourself ! Winter is coming !  (eheh) but it’s not winter we have to worry about today … it’s fall & its new season must: tartan ! plaid ! omg. We could talk about it for hours, cause I’m telling you: I have many many issues about it.
But I’m seeing it coming, so … if you can’t fight the fabric, work with it ! (does anyone remember who said this? I can’t)

Ok, let’s slow down a minute; first of all, we need to clarify things a little: to say it properly, THIS is tartan (Scottish origin, wool fabric traditionally used for clan kilts) & THIS is plaid (equally Scottish, but it’s basically a blanket made of tartan). In Italian, we are that specific – I swear. In American, I’ve heard using both terms basically the same way…for once, Italians ACTUALLY do it better ! ahahah, sorry, just a quick moment of patriotism.

Let’s move on & take a look at this upcoming woollen tide …

 I’m gonna start with pants, because that’s where I feel more comfortable. In truth, I own a pair of tartan pants ! not the classic reddish tartan, but a softer grey-brown (I wonder what clan I should be representing – maybe the cowardy-wearing clan!). Tartan pants are a good choice, tho. They look neat and even professional, so you can go to work or to college career fair days in them. Unless, or course, you pick those of next picture …

 … what did I tell you?? these pants are from the riot-punk clan! she looks adorable, tho. This, of course, convinces me a little less than the previous outfit. But still, it’s rock’n’roll & I don’t mind it (doesn’t mean I would wear it…but that depends a lot on personal style)!

 More on the classic side … the tartan skirt ! the good girl skirt, so to say. Especially in an outfit like this one, with a basic jacket & a ton-sur-ton shirt. This way I could (maybe) wear it …as long as you don’t add long white socks, you can basically go anywhere dressed like that. If the skirt is longer, in a soft match of colours (green, dark red, blue, grey) it looks quite formal; a mini skirt in brighter, bolder colours (bright red, black, I’ve seen even neon-coloured tartans…very cyber punk) looks sexy, playful & can be cute – or gross, but I’m sure you know where the limit stands.

 Finally, the dress ! the bravest way to wear a print ! in this case, the biggest danger is to look like a picnic cloth; don’t try to hide it, you know it’s true! but you could also think “ who cares ” (good point) or you could be so pretty that everyone would notice that instead of what you’re wearing (I’m wishing you so!). Either way, go ahead & wear it !
PS. I found a nice, similar dress right here !
PPS. I even found tartan shoes ! ( cute ) for those of you who, like me, are not entirely into this trend …

I may convince myself to take out of the dust that cute red & black mini tartan skirt (yes, yes! that’s my secret!) that lies in my wardrobe … & even wear it sometime!
Any advice on the occasion I could rock that old cutie ??


3 pensieri su “Fashion Forecast – TARTAN, autumn loves ye.

    • io ho solo una gonnellina, che tra l’altro non è neanche esattamente tartan (è solo rossa & nera); e un paio di pantaloni, simili a quelli della prima foto. alcune cose mi piacciono, ma resto sempre un po’ perplessa … forse dovrei cominciare più “con calma”, magari con una camicia …

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