Things I Liked – hello October !

I love October. That’s one thing you need to know about me … Autumn is one of my fave seasons, & October is a month I love ( the others are Spring, December and May: but we’ll talk about that in the future ). October is chilly but there’s still plenty of sunny days ( I live in Rome, hello! we even have a term for that: Ottobrate romane! means nice & sunny October days, fyi ), I love the colour of the leaves, I love my dad’s birthday, & my anniversary with the man I love!
So, even if my life hasn’t been real good lately, I still want to say … Welcome October !

& what’s a better welcome than filling a Things I Like post ?

♥ I have been following Miria’s blog Plus Kawaii since a while now – & I knew her & some other Italian bloggers were preparing something big: & THERE ! Donne con le Curve number 0 !! this is a big big deal – sorry for non italian speakers, but I think it’s probably the first time that curvy women in Italy have a magazine all dedicated to them. & I mean a real magazine … interviews, tips, news, & starting from next issue even a comic! I read the magazine, & I found it lovely: I like the graphics, I like the general structure, I like the columns – of course there’s plenty of room for improvement, but it’s an AMAZING START ! so for all of you that contributed to this great initiative: Congratulazioni ! & Continuate Così !

 ♥ speaking of magazines … No Borders Magazine is an e-pub about traveling; I really like the style of their columnists, I think it’s fresh & the articles are complete & pleasant. What more ? well, I shouldn’t have been surprised when they released a new monthly column about London (current cultural events, mainly)! & since I really like the magazine, & I really like London …how could I not like a column called I Went to London and I …?

♥ I’m starting to wonder whether to organize a party or something, for Halloween …to be more specific, I was thinking about MOVIE NIGHT. How about it ? I don’t like really scary horror movies, & I want to chill with a few friends ( all with different tastes, you can bet ) & eat junk food of course ( proper dinners are for grown ups ahah ). I need to start gathering ideas … like, uh: Nightmare Before Christmas ( it’s a classic! ); spooky cupcakes, maybe; & then I could decorate the house with some easy DIY printables! what do you think ? would you come to my party now ?

♥ one more hint, just a rock in the pond, if you want: MAKE YOURSELF PROUD. Such a short phrase, so simple it almost looks silly … but think about it, it’s not. I’m going through a major crisis in my life, & as it happens it’s a period full of sadness, guilt, & confusion. But these few words give me the strongest message I (we) would ever need: DO it for YOURSELF. Anything you do, any road you choose to walk, any clothes you pick, any decision you make: do it so that when you stare back at yourself in the mirror, you can smile & nod & think ” yes, I did my best “.

other little things I’d love to share … ♥ Panic! at the Disco new album is FINALLY out ! Too Weird to Live Too Rare to Die is out & running up that music chart ! well, this may also be thanks to, ehm, Brendon Urie’s contribution … in their latest video ( third from the album ALREADY, btw ) … Girls/Girls/Boys. y’know. ♥ going to Romics & meeting plenty of people cosplaying as Doctor Who & the Tardis ! I love all the whovians in the world. ♥ Chicago Fire, my new fave series; oh & yes, the fact that The Big Bang Theory series 7 is out & real funny as usual, & the fact that Supernatural is coming back as well: love the fact that fall gets all my fave series back on screen! thank you fall season!

I’ll huff I’ll puff and blow you away 

Say you will say you won’t 
Say you’ll do what I don’t 
Say you’re true, say to me
c’est la vie !


2 pensieri su “Things I Liked – hello October !

    • oh no, io sono troppo impressionabile é_è
      e poi alla ” festa ” ci saranno anche un paio di bambini … perciò 😉

      mi piacerebbe molto collaborare con la rivista … chissà se sarà possibile, prima o poi !


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