Tips & Tricks 01 – Pose for Pictures !

Do you have a problem, when you need to pose for a pic ? I do.
I never like how the pic comes out, & a lot of times it’s because I look worst than I thought (well, we could discuss for hours about having the wrong perception of your appearance…but we won’t).
Then I found out one simple, pretty straight-forward thing: it’s all in the pose !
Yeah, I know, sounds obvious – but it’s not, ‘cause us curvy ladies don’t have an obvious body …so we need not-obvious poses ! & that’s exactly what I’m here for.

Sincerely, I don’t want to talk about modeling; I have a section for it on my TUMBLR, that you can visit anytime you like & check all the gorgeous plus size models around. What I’m talking about today is real life posing – pictures you take while traveling around the globe ( or, better, your city! ), pictures with friends, boy/girlfriends, relatives, puppies … anything included in your day-to-day routine.

& that’s exactly what I’m going to show you …

the first 2 poses are offered by the super stylish blogger behind The In Between Girls; as you will see, an arm on your hip is basically fundamental – really shapes up your silhouette. Here she picks ( probably because of the shoes, which are SO important when posing ) this half-crossed-legs pose: I like it ! looks a bit retro & a little bit model-esque …so I think it works, when you’re posing all alone. let’s move on to next one!

 still my girl The In Between, as I said. But look at the completely different pose ! the shoulders are a little “contracted”, if you notice: you’ll look totally smaller, just don’t overexagerate, ok? & the legs opened like that look nice & strong & long, but you need to have heels on to strike this pose: it won’t look the same with flats, believe me.

 Curvy Girl Chic is one of the BEST posers I know on the web. & that’s totally a big compliment ! she always looks adorable, no matter what she’s wearing. Arms crossed? well, psychologically speaking, they mean closure towards others … but photography-wise they look nice!

 Mmmmh that’s one of her favourite poses ! Head down, legs crossed. & surely she looks good ! crossing your legs makes them look longer, no doubt about it. I have to say, it’s easier if you’re wearing heels … but give it a try anyway.

So now … to sum it all up, I’ll make a list of my fave Tips & Tricks to come out well in Pictures:

  • cross your legs or bend one of them a little – this looks better if you wear heels, but in any other case you can still practice until it comes out right (mirror mirror on the wall …eheheh) OR you can ask that the picture will be taken …while you walk ! (think about it: it’s perfect & actually natural!)
  • put one or both arms on your hips – this will make a nice hourglass shape come out, even if you don’t have it !
  • hunch your shoulders – squeeze them, shrug them, make ‘em tighter ! (useful to strike a funny pose, too, if you like)
  • cross your arms – not right below your boobs, honey, but a little more downside (see picture below); hold your clutch, if necessary, & look all preppy.

Still having doubts ? well, my real, biggest, surest advice is: play silly ! & when in deep doubt … strike a DIVA POSE ! or a totally SILLY POSE ! & you’ll be amazing, to infinity & beyond.
Believe me: you ARE amazing.


4 pensieri su “Tips & Tricks 01 – Pose for Pictures !

  1. Mi faccio foto da anni e ogni volta non so mai come mettermi! XD
    In teoria bisognerebbe creare asimmetria, per questo il braccio va alzato e la bamba va incrociata o spostata… il mio problema però è l’espressione facciale, vengo praticamente sempre che sembro schifata! XD

    • hai ragione, sulla posa!
      seguo il tuo blog da un bel po’ di tempo, e devo ammettere che a volte ho pensato “è così carina, l’outfit è perfetto, eppure sembra infelice..chissà perché!” 😉

    • ahah lo so, ti vedo che non sei infelice, infatti … però se sorridi sei più carina ! davvero ! credo di averlo anche scritto da qualche parte, sul tumblr legato a questo blog n__n
      ah, se ne hai voglia … ripassa di qua questo finesettimana, credo proprio che parlerò di Donne con le Curve ( l’ho letto, è adorabile! ) …magari ti fa piacere saperlo ❤


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