Fashion Forecast !

watch out, I might be waaay too early for one of the trends I’m spotting ! or maybe, a little bit too late; I guess it depends on the country you live in !


But first, let me start out with a very simple tendency ( I would call it fashion trend, this time ) that I’m seeing more & more all through the web … which, as you know, is the biggest & most fundamental resource for new trends & styles. You may want & try to deny it, but you can’t.
More & more I’m seeing … TShirts & Skirts !
I don’t know about you, but it’s not something you see much on the streets in Italy. & why not ? I don’t know: it makes a nice free time outfits, goes well for my types of body & size, it’s easy to pair with shoes … definately, a style that’s gonna have my support all the way. Let’s see some example, would you ?

( is this one of the girls from that old show, The Hills? she looks something like Lauren or Whitney )

( I love Scathingly Brilliant a lot; & here, she comes out with an adorable movie night outfit exactly how I expected! )

( & finally, a look that’s said to be good for work day – I wouldn’t say so, but I still like it very much )

And now, my next move … the one I said it would be a little crazy, maybe.
Pleated Skirts ! oh my gawd. I know. It’s silly. I like the style, but in Italy it hasn’t been trendy since … I don’t know, forever maybe ? but now it’s starting to show up ( so to say ) in many blogs & other delightful places around the web; so … why not give it a try ? with that middle lenght that seems to flatter so many different sizes ? let’s take a more specific look at it.

( how can Big or Not To Big be so cute ? she simply has flawless class & cuteness inside; look at her! )

( speaking of cuteness…I could never forget the lovely Kaelah Bee ! back when she had pink hair, so adorable )

 ( a long version of the classic pleated skirt: how about it ? this is what I call an any size outfit, cause you see it on a skinny girl but would look lovely on a plus size too –  & I really like it ! )



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