Special Edition – HALLOWEEN !

Down at my tumblr we were discussing about Halloween costumes …seems like an easy topic, uh ? but it isn’t ! for the usual, annoying reason: we’re plus sizes, & no one really thinks we want to be sexy & cute & fun, during Halloween as well as any other time.
Have you planned your Halloween costume ? or you are going crazy about it ?
well, in any case, here I am to give you some ideas ( & if you want more, you can refer to my tumblr under the ” costume ” tag … & you’ll find inspiration galore ! )

Let’s start with the basics – a.k.a. you go out & buy a costume.
Sure, you can do that ! you have the money, don’t have the time & fantasy to think about making up one, so you just … ready – set – go !
but of course you can’t really go to any shop, right ? ‘cause those sizes would nearly fit an arm of yours. nay nay … but don’t worry, I’m here ! let’s take a look at some real solutions:

Immagine3this a good choice – Halloween Costumessexy firewoman, Batgirl, miss Krueger …this last is my fave! – not too obvious, at least.
What other options do we have ? well, on Domino Dollhouse ( a classic! ) you can find an adorable Sailor Girl costume, or a gothic lolita/Demon Doll dress. You don’t even need to accessorize them much, these costumes are all inclusive! make sure you wear perfect make-up ( we can talk about that as well, if you want to ) & have the right pair of shoes … & you’ll be done.
Do you feel even sexier than that ? no prob ! take a look at what Hips & Curves has created for you: Dark Angel, Snow White, Kitty Cat, Red Riding Hood … there’s enough to fullfill all kinds of fantasies ! these costumes aren’t fully accessorized tho, so keep in mind you might need a little more effort & money to be properly dressed ( or, aehm, undressed ! eheh ! ).

Now, the other option: you have no money but still want to dress up.
Can you do that ? of course you can ! & you’ll have a blast ( ok, yeah, you can tell that this is my fave option ).
I am getting a few idea out of Polyvore, just to sort things down & see if my ideas have a realistic application – ahah, I know, I’m a very practical person. As you can see, those sets are all made of clothes that you can find here & there, or that you may already have in your closet – I tried to keep them as simple as I could … & I’m probably gonna do more, if I have time !
Let’s see if I can find some other DIY costumes, meanwhile …

Immagine 3 good ideas, just to start – Adventure Time, Hello Kitty, & a Greek Goddess – ‘cause I’m sure you have a blue outfit somewhere, or a red dress, or a big white bed sheet that you can arrange as a Roman dress ! I love these costumes, but I’m a nerdy girl, so I want to show you also another couple of outfits ( more like cosplays, to tell you the truth ) taken from Studio Ghibli’s world: Granmamare, from Ponyo, & Kiki from Kiki’s Special Delivery – these two are so easy to make, yet so impressive !
But if you’re more on the classic side, why don’t you go buy a whole lot of black tulle, & create a sexy witch costume like this one ? or maybe you just want to cover up your body, then you’d rather be a mummy; or you don’t want to think/dress up so much … then why not be a jellyfish ?

Or, if you have no inspiration whatsover … & the party is tonight … how about these HILARIOUS LAST MINUTE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES ?

But wait — Halloween won’t be complete, without some GOOD scary make-up !
wanna try some ? this would be the perfect night to try out your artistic talent, & experiment with all the crazy make-up you usually won’t use … here’s a couple of Pinterest Boards ( like, you know, mine ) that could be of inspiration: one | two | three .

& yes, of course …I can hear you …your tummies are rumbling: you want your Halloween treats ! mmmh, I want some of that too !  (aren’t these cookies adorable, by the way? you’ll find the recipe if you click on the pic, as usual! ). Now let’s see what I can offer you, my marshmallow monsters … here’s a list of 25 Halloween recipes – all cute & scary; this, uhm… Fried WTF – looks disgusting, but it’s funny; & a little awfully-looking drink – I know it’s gross, but you guyssss it’s Halloween !!

I hope this long, long post was useful …
now it’s up to you !
free your mind, have tons of fun & … send me pics !



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