C’est la Vie & that’s What I Wore

Yessss-ah, babes. I haven’t done any outfit post yet, & that seems pretty strange for a blog mainly about fashion.
So I’ve been thinking about it, & I ended up deciding that YEAH, I’d do outfit posts !
I want to start with 3 outfits, my favourites of this week; let’s take a look !

monday can you see it ? is it too dark ? I’ll try to make something better for next time, but in the meantime you’ll have to be patient: I prepare my outfits at night, & my bedroom isn’t very illuminated.
( long skirt/used as dress: Bonprix | cardigan: La Redoute | shoes: Kiabi | necklaces: gift + thrift | belt: thrift )

tuesday this sweater is adorable, my mum gave it to me; I wasn’t super excited at first, cause it’s white & a weird lenght, but then I was tooootally satisfied.
( sweater: KIABI | skirt: thrift | boots: Stradivarius | bangles: thrift & handmade by me! )

thursday I absolutely love this dress ! it’s comfy, warm-but-not-too-much (perfect for the season!) & they have it in different colors. It’s a keeper !
( dress: Bonprix | necklace: present | boots: no brand, I got them at little store by my house )

There you go ! now you’ve seen a little bit more of me …
what do you think about it ?
please be kind, ahah



That Which We Call PLUS SIZE

Hello everyone !
I just stepped into a very interesting little article, on BeauCoo blog: they’re tallking about curvy, plus size &/or full-figured women.
In case you don’t feel like reading it, here’s a super short summary: looks like some clothing brands have made a survey on fat women, & the result is that the majority of those women prefer to be called curvy; plus size comes second, along with full-figured.
Yeah, thanks. So?!

I’ve never understood this pressure on fat terms (can I call them so? please, let me). What’s the matter ? or better .. is this SERIOUSLY the REAL matter ? I sincerely don’t think so.
I’m a plus size – it simply means that I wear a size that’s bigger (a.k.a. plus!) than the common 14-16 that in many shops is carried as the biggest size.
I’m curvy – yes, definately: I am a woman, first of all, therefore I have curves. & indeed I am a woman who wears a 5 as bra size (I think it’s a 40, for UK/US), so yeah … I do have curves.
I’m full-figured – of course I am; I could probably be called a very-full-figured woman, ahah, since I’m apple shaped !
What else ? I am fat, I am big, I’m chubby, yeah. Which one of these words do you find offensive ? no one, in my opinion, but it depends a lot on the way you use them – that’s true for everything in life, tho.

What I do find offensive instead, it’s the fact that clothing brands think that words are the problem. While the real issues here are others …do you wanna know just a couple ? here, have as many as you like !

  • separated areas in department stores for ” normal ” sized clothes & ” plus sized ” clothes;
  • different styles/prints under or above a certain size – why?!
  • different prices – this makes me go nuts: don’t even try to tell me that you use more fabric, cause in an economy of scale this has no sense at all;
  • side brands for plus sizes – like, ASOS Curves or Forever21+ or so … I love these brands, but why don’t you simply make clothes in all sizes? & moreover, some brands simply DO NOT CARRY 14+ sizes, which is ridiculous.
  • advertising ! this is a topic almost too wide to include it in here, but it’s true: why do brands & magazines go around pretending to support ” normal ” women while they only offer images of extremely skinny models, dressed like Anna Wintour & with the same facial expression ? please.

& let me say it again … please. Fat isn’t a synonym of stupid: it’s the opposite, probably.

Fashion Forecast – TARTAN, autumn loves ye.

Someone used to say – Brace yourself ! Winter is coming !  (eheh) but it’s not winter we have to worry about today … it’s fall & its new season must: tartan ! plaid ! omg. We could talk about it for hours, cause I’m telling you: I have many many issues about it.
But I’m seeing it coming, so … if you can’t fight the fabric, work with it ! (does anyone remember who said this? I can’t)

Ok, let’s slow down a minute; first of all, we need to clarify things a little: to say it properly, THIS is tartan (Scottish origin, wool fabric traditionally used for clan kilts) & THIS is plaid (equally Scottish, but it’s basically a blanket made of tartan). In Italian, we are that specific – I swear. In American, I’ve heard using both terms basically the same way…for once, Italians ACTUALLY do it better ! ahahah, sorry, just a quick moment of patriotism.

Let’s move on & take a look at this upcoming woollen tide …

 I’m gonna start with pants, because that’s where I feel more comfortable. In truth, I own a pair of tartan pants ! not the classic reddish tartan, but a softer grey-brown (I wonder what clan I should be representing – maybe the cowardy-wearing clan!). Tartan pants are a good choice, tho. They look neat and even professional, so you can go to work or to college career fair days in them. Unless, or course, you pick those of next picture …

 … what did I tell you?? these pants are from the riot-punk clan! she looks adorable, tho. This, of course, convinces me a little less than the previous outfit. But still, it’s rock’n’roll & I don’t mind it (doesn’t mean I would wear it…but that depends a lot on personal style)!

 More on the classic side … the tartan skirt ! the good girl skirt, so to say. Especially in an outfit like this one, with a basic jacket & a ton-sur-ton shirt. This way I could (maybe) wear it …as long as you don’t add long white socks, you can basically go anywhere dressed like that. If the skirt is longer, in a soft match of colours (green, dark red, blue, grey) it looks quite formal; a mini skirt in brighter, bolder colours (bright red, black, I’ve seen even neon-coloured tartans…very cyber punk) looks sexy, playful & can be cute – or gross, but I’m sure you know where the limit stands.

 Finally, the dress ! the bravest way to wear a print ! in this case, the biggest danger is to look like a picnic cloth; don’t try to hide it, you know it’s true! but you could also think “ who cares ” (good point) or you could be so pretty that everyone would notice that instead of what you’re wearing (I’m wishing you so!). Either way, go ahead & wear it !
PS. I found a nice, similar dress right here !
PPS. I even found tartan shoes ! ( cute ) for those of you who, like me, are not entirely into this trend …

I may convince myself to take out of the dust that cute red & black mini tartan skirt (yes, yes! that’s my secret!) that lies in my wardrobe … & even wear it sometime!
Any advice on the occasion I could rock that old cutie ??

Things I Liked – hello October !

I love October. That’s one thing you need to know about me … Autumn is one of my fave seasons, & October is a month I love ( the others are Spring, December and May: but we’ll talk about that in the future ). October is chilly but there’s still plenty of sunny days ( I live in Rome, hello! we even have a term for that: Ottobrate romane! means nice & sunny October days, fyi ), I love the colour of the leaves, I love my dad’s birthday, & my anniversary with the man I love!
So, even if my life hasn’t been real good lately, I still want to say … Welcome October !

& what’s a better welcome than filling a Things I Like post ?

♥ I have been following Miria’s blog Plus Kawaii since a while now – & I knew her & some other Italian bloggers were preparing something big: & THERE ! Donne con le Curve number 0 !! this is a big big deal – sorry for non italian speakers, but I think it’s probably the first time that curvy women in Italy have a magazine all dedicated to them. & I mean a real magazine … interviews, tips, news, & starting from next issue even a comic! I read the magazine, & I found it lovely: I like the graphics, I like the general structure, I like the columns – of course there’s plenty of room for improvement, but it’s an AMAZING START ! so for all of you that contributed to this great initiative: Congratulazioni ! & Continuate Così !

 ♥ speaking of magazines … No Borders Magazine is an e-pub about traveling; I really like the style of their columnists, I think it’s fresh & the articles are complete & pleasant. What more ? well, I shouldn’t have been surprised when they released a new monthly column about London (current cultural events, mainly)! & since I really like the magazine, & I really like London …how could I not like a column called I Went to London and I …?

♥ I’m starting to wonder whether to organize a party or something, for Halloween …to be more specific, I was thinking about MOVIE NIGHT. How about it ? I don’t like really scary horror movies, & I want to chill with a few friends ( all with different tastes, you can bet ) & eat junk food of course ( proper dinners are for grown ups ahah ). I need to start gathering ideas … like, uh: Nightmare Before Christmas ( it’s a classic! ); spooky cupcakes, maybe; & then I could decorate the house with some easy DIY printables! what do you think ? would you come to my party now ?

♥ one more hint, just a rock in the pond, if you want: MAKE YOURSELF PROUD. Such a short phrase, so simple it almost looks silly … but think about it, it’s not. I’m going through a major crisis in my life, & as it happens it’s a period full of sadness, guilt, & confusion. But these few words give me the strongest message I (we) would ever need: DO it for YOURSELF. Anything you do, any road you choose to walk, any clothes you pick, any decision you make: do it so that when you stare back at yourself in the mirror, you can smile & nod & think ” yes, I did my best “.

other little things I’d love to share … ♥ Panic! at the Disco new album is FINALLY out ! Too Weird to Live Too Rare to Die is out & running up that music chart ! well, this may also be thanks to, ehm, Brendon Urie’s contribution … in their latest video ( third from the album ALREADY, btw ) … Girls/Girls/Boys. y’know. ♥ going to Romics & meeting plenty of people cosplaying as Doctor Who & the Tardis ! I love all the whovians in the world. ♥ Chicago Fire, my new fave series; oh & yes, the fact that The Big Bang Theory series 7 is out & real funny as usual, & the fact that Supernatural is coming back as well: love the fact that fall gets all my fave series back on screen! thank you fall season!

I’ll huff I’ll puff and blow you away 

Say you will say you won’t 
Say you’ll do what I don’t 
Say you’re true, say to me
c’est la vie !

Tips & Tricks 01 – Pose for Pictures !

Do you have a problem, when you need to pose for a pic ? I do.
I never like how the pic comes out, & a lot of times it’s because I look worst than I thought (well, we could discuss for hours about having the wrong perception of your appearance…but we won’t).
Then I found out one simple, pretty straight-forward thing: it’s all in the pose !
Yeah, I know, sounds obvious – but it’s not, ‘cause us curvy ladies don’t have an obvious body …so we need not-obvious poses ! & that’s exactly what I’m here for.

Sincerely, I don’t want to talk about modeling; I have a section for it on my TUMBLR, that you can visit anytime you like & check all the gorgeous plus size models around. What I’m talking about today is real life posing – pictures you take while traveling around the globe ( or, better, your city! ), pictures with friends, boy/girlfriends, relatives, puppies … anything included in your day-to-day routine.

& that’s exactly what I’m going to show you …

the first 2 poses are offered by the super stylish blogger behind The In Between Girls; as you will see, an arm on your hip is basically fundamental – really shapes up your silhouette. Here she picks ( probably because of the shoes, which are SO important when posing ) this half-crossed-legs pose: I like it ! looks a bit retro & a little bit model-esque …so I think it works, when you’re posing all alone. let’s move on to next one!

 still my girl The In Between, as I said. But look at the completely different pose ! the shoulders are a little “contracted”, if you notice: you’ll look totally smaller, just don’t overexagerate, ok? & the legs opened like that look nice & strong & long, but you need to have heels on to strike this pose: it won’t look the same with flats, believe me.

 Curvy Girl Chic is one of the BEST posers I know on the web. & that’s totally a big compliment ! she always looks adorable, no matter what she’s wearing. Arms crossed? well, psychologically speaking, they mean closure towards others … but photography-wise they look nice!

 Mmmmh that’s one of her favourite poses ! Head down, legs crossed. & surely she looks good ! crossing your legs makes them look longer, no doubt about it. I have to say, it’s easier if you’re wearing heels … but give it a try anyway.

So now … to sum it all up, I’ll make a list of my fave Tips & Tricks to come out well in Pictures:

  • cross your legs or bend one of them a little – this looks better if you wear heels, but in any other case you can still practice until it comes out right (mirror mirror on the wall …eheheh) OR you can ask that the picture will be taken …while you walk ! (think about it: it’s perfect & actually natural!)
  • put one or both arms on your hips – this will make a nice hourglass shape come out, even if you don’t have it !
  • hunch your shoulders – squeeze them, shrug them, make ‘em tighter ! (useful to strike a funny pose, too, if you like)
  • cross your arms – not right below your boobs, honey, but a little more downside (see picture below); hold your clutch, if necessary, & look all preppy.

Still having doubts ? well, my real, biggest, surest advice is: play silly ! & when in deep doubt … strike a DIVA POSE ! or a totally SILLY POSE ! & you’ll be amazing, to infinity & beyond.
Believe me: you ARE amazing.

Fashion Forecast !

watch out, I might be waaay too early for one of the trends I’m spotting ! or maybe, a little bit too late; I guess it depends on the country you live in !


But first, let me start out with a very simple tendency ( I would call it fashion trend, this time ) that I’m seeing more & more all through the web … which, as you know, is the biggest & most fundamental resource for new trends & styles. You may want & try to deny it, but you can’t.
More & more I’m seeing … TShirts & Skirts !
I don’t know about you, but it’s not something you see much on the streets in Italy. & why not ? I don’t know: it makes a nice free time outfits, goes well for my types of body & size, it’s easy to pair with shoes … definately, a style that’s gonna have my support all the way. Let’s see some example, would you ?

( is this one of the girls from that old show, The Hills? she looks something like Lauren or Whitney )

( I love Scathingly Brilliant a lot; & here, she comes out with an adorable movie night outfit exactly how I expected! )

( & finally, a look that’s said to be good for work day – I wouldn’t say so, but I still like it very much )

And now, my next move … the one I said it would be a little crazy, maybe.
Pleated Skirts ! oh my gawd. I know. It’s silly. I like the style, but in Italy it hasn’t been trendy since … I don’t know, forever maybe ? but now it’s starting to show up ( so to say ) in many blogs & other delightful places around the web; so … why not give it a try ? with that middle lenght that seems to flatter so many different sizes ? let’s take a more specific look at it.

( how can Big or Not To Big be so cute ? she simply has flawless class & cuteness inside; look at her! )

( speaking of cuteness…I could never forget the lovely Kaelah Bee ! back when she had pink hair, so adorable )

 ( a long version of the classic pleated skirt: how about it ? this is what I call an any size outfit, cause you see it on a skinny girl but would look lovely on a plus size too –  & I really like it ! )

Special Edition – HALLOWEEN !

Down at my tumblr we were discussing about Halloween costumes …seems like an easy topic, uh ? but it isn’t ! for the usual, annoying reason: we’re plus sizes, & no one really thinks we want to be sexy & cute & fun, during Halloween as well as any other time.
Have you planned your Halloween costume ? or you are going crazy about it ?
well, in any case, here I am to give you some ideas ( & if you want more, you can refer to my tumblr under the ” costume ” tag … & you’ll find inspiration galore ! )

Let’s start with the basics – a.k.a. you go out & buy a costume.
Sure, you can do that ! you have the money, don’t have the time & fantasy to think about making up one, so you just … ready – set – go !
but of course you can’t really go to any shop, right ? ‘cause those sizes would nearly fit an arm of yours. nay nay … but don’t worry, I’m here ! let’s take a look at some real solutions:

Immagine3this a good choice – Halloween Costumessexy firewoman, Batgirl, miss Krueger …this last is my fave! – not too obvious, at least.
What other options do we have ? well, on Domino Dollhouse ( a classic! ) you can find an adorable Sailor Girl costume, or a gothic lolita/Demon Doll dress. You don’t even need to accessorize them much, these costumes are all inclusive! make sure you wear perfect make-up ( we can talk about that as well, if you want to ) & have the right pair of shoes … & you’ll be done.
Do you feel even sexier than that ? no prob ! take a look at what Hips & Curves has created for you: Dark Angel, Snow White, Kitty Cat, Red Riding Hood … there’s enough to fullfill all kinds of fantasies ! these costumes aren’t fully accessorized tho, so keep in mind you might need a little more effort & money to be properly dressed ( or, aehm, undressed ! eheh ! ).

Now, the other option: you have no money but still want to dress up.
Can you do that ? of course you can ! & you’ll have a blast ( ok, yeah, you can tell that this is my fave option ).
I am getting a few idea out of Polyvore, just to sort things down & see if my ideas have a realistic application – ahah, I know, I’m a very practical person. As you can see, those sets are all made of clothes that you can find here & there, or that you may already have in your closet – I tried to keep them as simple as I could … & I’m probably gonna do more, if I have time !
Let’s see if I can find some other DIY costumes, meanwhile …

Immagine 3 good ideas, just to start – Adventure Time, Hello Kitty, & a Greek Goddess – ‘cause I’m sure you have a blue outfit somewhere, or a red dress, or a big white bed sheet that you can arrange as a Roman dress ! I love these costumes, but I’m a nerdy girl, so I want to show you also another couple of outfits ( more like cosplays, to tell you the truth ) taken from Studio Ghibli’s world: Granmamare, from Ponyo, & Kiki from Kiki’s Special Delivery – these two are so easy to make, yet so impressive !
But if you’re more on the classic side, why don’t you go buy a whole lot of black tulle, & create a sexy witch costume like this one ? or maybe you just want to cover up your body, then you’d rather be a mummy; or you don’t want to think/dress up so much … then why not be a jellyfish ?

Or, if you have no inspiration whatsover … & the party is tonight … how about these HILARIOUS LAST MINUTE HALLOWEEN COSTUMES ?

But wait — Halloween won’t be complete, without some GOOD scary make-up !
wanna try some ? this would be the perfect night to try out your artistic talent, & experiment with all the crazy make-up you usually won’t use … here’s a couple of Pinterest Boards ( like, you know, mine ) that could be of inspiration: one | two | three .

& yes, of course …I can hear you …your tummies are rumbling: you want your Halloween treats ! mmmh, I want some of that too !  (aren’t these cookies adorable, by the way? you’ll find the recipe if you click on the pic, as usual! ). Now let’s see what I can offer you, my marshmallow monsters … here’s a list of 25 Halloween recipes – all cute & scary; this, uhm… Fried WTF – looks disgusting, but it’s funny; & a little awfully-looking drink – I know it’s gross, but you guyssss it’s Halloween !!

I hope this long, long post was useful …
now it’s up to you !
free your mind, have tons of fun & … send me pics !