Random moments of inspiration.

I have absolutely no idea where this came from; & since I don’t mind some randomness in my life, I’ll leave you any further research…& just invite you to enjoy this two moments of inspiration found around the web.

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Starting from the basic point that YOU MADE IT WEIRD, this little guide helps you out with social issues like saying sorry (how to say it, what words you should use or not, think before you speak), bragging about your success (again, how to do it properly without coming out as a weirdo and/or arrogant ass), saying no (in a way that no one could interpret as oh-you-re-so-snob) … & other major social-school situations that could turn awkward.
I swear, it’s adorable.

 ( click the image for the url of the page )

My inner, deep & magic sixth sense suggests me that you are obsessed by this just like me. How do we NOT care about what other people think about us? I mean, is that even possible? Rookie thinks it is. & even more than that, Rookie gives examples. Like, do you think Lady Gaga gives a damn about how people react to her *aehm* artsy fashion style? uh uh I think she doesn’t. I think you ( & I, of course ) could do the same. & then of course, you should like yourself – everyone keeps saying that, right? there must be some reason.

In truth, what I think is that you should like at least a little something about yourself.
Let me explain it better ( the way it works for me, most of the times …): you’re fat, & there’s no way people are not gonna notice – that’s what you think, uh? ok. – but there must be an outfit that looks good on you; or maybe you have luxurious hair, or bright eyes, or a sparkly sense of humour … so yeah, there you go: something good! something to point at! you may be fat – but that becomes immediately less important than the rest, like the amazing shoes/bag/headpiece you’re wearing, or the way you smile to people looking at you, or how you shake your ass while walking.

& remember … I love you, so why shouldn’t every one else?




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